25 January, 2018
Rebounding: The Fitness Craze That's Here to Stay
Rebounding: The Fitness Craze That's Here to Stay
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Rebounding: The Fitness Craze That’s Here to Stay

25 January, 2018
Rebounding: The Fitness Craze That's Here to Stay

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District: Sheung Wan
How much: $300 for a drop-in class, or $2,800 for a pack of 10
Best For: High-intensity workouts that are ideal for those suffering from aches and pains as well as sports injuries

For those lucky enough to have had the space, trampolining was our favourite activity as a kid (and we still aren’t opposed to a good session at Ryze now and then, either). But who would have thought that our childhood pastime is burning up to 1,000 calories and passing for one hell of a fitness class?!

Renowned for a ton of health benefits like stimulating the circulation of lymphatic fluid, rebounding also contributes to an improved immune system and is the ideal class for those suffering from aches and pains as well as sports injuries. To get scientific, “[rebounding] engages the whole body by providing cellular exercise, while strengthening and cleansing your cells with each bounce on the rebounder” … essentially, it’s perfect for fitness fanatics and rebounding rookies alike!

Always up for trying new things, BounceLimit invited the Sassy team for a private class at its impressive studio in Sheung Wan to see what all the fuss is about. Leaving with seriously sore legs, but with a renewed sense of motivation, here’s what we thought about the new fitness craze that’s here to stay in Honkers…

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Rebounding: The Fitness Craze That's Here to Stay

Name: Annie, Associate Editor
Experience Level: More couch potato then pro bouncer.
Favourite Exercise: As much as it hurt, I found Tabata Bounce much more enjoyable than expected. It was high energy and also made time fly! I also liked the mix of Pilates exercises that we tried out (not just because we got to lie down…).
During the class, I felt… uncoordinated! I had a lot of fun, and spent the majority of the time laughing at myself (or laughing through the pain), though I’ll definitely have to try a few more classes to perfect on technique. I also loved how you could feel exactly which part of your body you were working on. All about those thigh, bum and ab workouts!
Afterward, I felt… pretty tired, but still energised, with a sense of achievement that I actually made it through the class (and didn’t hate it!)
In an Emoji: 😅

Name: Apple, Editorial Assistant Intern
Experience Level: Someone who is intimidated by the gym
Favourite Exercise: Dancing – hip hop, jazz funk, heels, contemporary… You name it! Which is why Airbounce was perfect for me – I love the combination of moves.
During the class, I felt… upbeat and energetic! I loved that our instructor, Chelsea incorporated partner work and some friendly competition into the routine. The final Tabata circuit was insane – I definitely got a good full body workout from that!
Afterward, I felt… slightly disappointed that I have to walk on actual ground again.
In an Emoji: 👊

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Name: Mashal, Editorial Assistant Intern
Experience Level: LOVE working out and all kinds of physical exercise, but a total beginner at rebounding!
Favourite Exercise: Definitely the Tabata HIIT workout as it engaged all my muscles and really made me feel like it was strengthening my core.
During the class, I felt… hot, sweaty and in good shape!
Afterward, I felt… SORE. But as the saying goes: ‘no pain, no gain’, right?
In an Emoji: 🙌 (10/10 would recommend)

Name: Beatrice, Designer
Experience Level: Bounce-fanatic, yet still not-so-fantastic.
Favourite Exercise: Jump Squats! Rebounding is already an excellent leg/glutes workout and I loved literally jumping into it, boosting my workout and my energy levels.
During the class, I felt… excited! I’ve been rebounding for almost a year and I was super pumped to share this unique, highly effective and fun workout with the Sassy team.
Afterward, I felt… a new wave of energy. Having a little taster menu of all the classes BounceLimit has to offer made the time speed by and left me high on endorphins and wanting to come back for more.
In an Emoji: 🔥

Name: Lexi, Editor
Experience Level: Rebounding rookie
Favourite Exercise: I never thought that I’d be one to opt for planks and walk-outs over bouncing, but I enjoyed the intensity of the Tabata workout (even if it meant it hurt to laugh the following day).
During the class, I felt… extremely out of shape. I can guarantee that would change quickly after a few Air Bounce classes!
Afterward, I felt… like rebounding is a fitness class that I can get on board with! I sprained my ankle a few weeks back and was nervous that jumping would do more harm than good. Turns out, the exercises (although high in intensity!) are low-impact and I had no issues.
In an Emoji: 👌

Rebounding: The Fitness Craze That's Here to Stay

Name: Surmayee, Partnerships Manager
Experience Level: Definitely more comfortable lifting barbells than bouncing on trampolines!
Favourite Exercise: Sprinting during Tabata – the trampoline ensured I didn’t feel excessive force on my ankles or knees and allowed me to push myself more.
During the class, I felt… challenged! It was definitely interesting to try and keep to the rhythm while making sure my form was right and I wasn’t bouncing off my trampoline. 
Afterward, I felt… super sweaty, but very energised. With the instructors and music being so upbeat it would be hard to walk away in a bad mood, plus it was great to overcome my fear of hurting myself by rebounding incorrectly.
In an Emoji: 🙆

Name: Elle, Partnerships Manager
Experience Level: A regular at the gym or yoga studio, but a total beginner to a bounce-style workout.
Favourite Exercise: I loved the Tabata exercises for the intense workout. Rebounding let’s you get fully into the exercises without any worry about pressure on your knees/injuries. I also really enjoyed the Air Bounce workout as it’s fun cardio blast to the rhythm of the music. 
During the class, I felt… focused! In fact I was so focused on keeping up with the moves, the workout seemed to fly by.
Afterward, I felt… hooked on rebounding and ready to try out the extensive range of classes BounceLimit offers!
In an Emoji: ⚡

Name: Tania, Associate Editor
Experience Level: Rebounding beginner. I (just about) make it to yoga and spin, so I was excited to try something new.
Favourite Exercise: Air Bounce and Pilates – having the combination of high intensity, mobility and stretching in one class made it an instant win in my books. It’s also great if you suffer from injuries. It may be completely different to bouncing on a trampoline as a kid, but the thrill remains.
During the class, I felt… energised!
Afterward, I felt… like I had an extra (self-congratulatory) spring in my step.
In an Emoji: 💃

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sassy perk

If you’re keen to jump in and see what rebounding is like for yourself, the lovely team at BounceLimit is offering Sassy readers a special perk of five classes for $1,000! Follow this link to get started…

The offer will expire Wednesday, 4 April 2018 and classes are valid for one month from purchase date.

BounceLimit, The Pemberton, 13/F 22-26 Bonham Strand, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong, www.bouncelimit.com

Images courtesy of BounceLimit

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