13 March, 2018

We Tried an Anti-Gravity Class at Central’s Newest Yoga Studio

13 March, 2018

10% off this eco-friendly studio…


District: Central
How much: Free Trial Class, Yoga Mat Class Package: $2,200 for 10 classes. All Classes Package for $2,800 for 10 classes – including AntiGravity classes, Strength & Conditioning (both valid for 3 months). 1 month unlimited $1,800.
Best For: Small group classes – especially over a lunch break!

It’s no surprise that we’re constantly looking for the best place to pack in a workout, so when we heard about this new, boutique yoga studio, we were more than ready to slip into our activewear and give it a go. The Practice is an eco-friendly, intimate space, that prides itself in offering a little haven in the heart of Hong Kong. Conveniently connected to an eco-café, the study, it’s an ideal spot to fit in a workout over your lunch break. So, once you’ve checked out the studio facilities, it’s worth grabbing a coffee, picking up something from the book-sharing corner, and ordering yourself the Banana Maple Syrup & Cinnamon Toast!

As one of the few spots that offer Anti-gravity Yoga classes in Central, we decided to put the yoga mat to the side and take our feet off the floor. It’s incredible to see what you can begin to feel comfortable with in a single class – from stressing about that first flip, to the moment we all landed comfortably on our feet. Invented by an aerial performer and former gymnast and Broadway choreographer, AntiGravity Yoga really is a full body workout.

It involves a series of yoga-inspired exercises, factoring in Pilates, aerial acrobatics and calisthenics in a hammock-like swing. To set the scene, there was a moment when we were all hanging upside down, trying to swing ourselves across the room to high-5 each other. They say laughing tones your core, right? Plus, because there is zero weight on your shoulders, back and neck, it’s ideal for people with back pain and neck strain (i.e. most of Hong Kong). Leaving feeling stretched, refreshed, and keen to give it another go, here’s what we thought about the Anti-gravity class at The Practice…

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Name: Beatrice Hug, Graphic Designer 
Experience level: Barely-comfortable-on-horizontally-aligned-yoga-mats
Favourite move: Shoulder Stretch Inversion
During the class, I felt… More elegant than I could have ever imagined! Struggling with yoga on the floor as it is, I was pleasantly surprised by how natural it was to move in air and upside down.
Afterward, I felt… Renewed! A relaxing (yet challenging) mind and full-body refresh that any busy Hong Konger could truly benefit from.
In an Emoji: 🕸

Name: Surmayee Tetarbe, Partnerships Manager 
Experience level: Upside down is definitely not where I feel the most comfortable.
Favourite move: The inverted butterfly (surprisingly), it really let my spine decompress and gave me an awesome stretch.
During the class, I felt… pretty out of my comfort zone. I’ve got a huge fear of being upside down and falling on my face, and quite a bit of the class was about inversions so I just tried to face my fears and laugh through the pain.
Afterward, I felt… very refreshed! I was really sore from lifting weights at the start of the week, and this was what I needed to really let my back, spine and shoulders loosen up. I was also really proud of myself for getting over my fears of flipping and inversions!
In an Emoji: 🦄

Name: Mansha Channa, Partnerships Manager
Experience level: Second time doing Aerial Yoga
Favourite move: The hip twisting team high-fiving whilst inverted upside down
During the class, I felt… calm and relaxed and ready for the challenge. The instructor provided us with extremely detailed instructions to prevent us from falling flat on our faces.
Afterward, I felt…  like a lot of tension in my neck and shoulders had been released and I felt very light on my feet after having spent so much time upside down.
In an Emoji: 🍂

Name: Tania Shroff, Associate Editor
Experience level: I’ve tried aerial, but generally practice yoga on the ground!
Favourite move: The flip! There’s something about trusting your body (and gravity) to follow through, that is surprisingly therapeutic.
During the class, I felt… stretched and surprisingly calm, once I managed to rid the fear of falling flat on my face.
Afterward, I felt… relaxed. I’d had some shoulder and neck pain going into the class, so I was relieved to find that the class added absolutely zero strain. Plus, it was a refreshing, restorative (and, at times, hilarious) team-building exercise!
In an Emoji: ‍👯

Name: Elle Noble, Partnerships Manager
Experience level: I’ve never tried aerial, but regularly practice yoga on the ground.
Favourite move: Flipping out of the suspended torch pose! It was great being challenged to trust the support of the aerial hammock as you free fall out of the pose, and (hopefully) land on your feet. Also, the support of the hammock really lets you focus on the alignment of your your body.
During the class, I felt… much more at ease being upside down than in a regular yoga class, allowing my body to get a really good stretch!
Afterward, I felt… ready to fly!
In an Emoji 🚀

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Keen to give it a go? As an exclusive bonus for Sassy readers, The Practice is giving us 10% off all packages, until Monday, 30 April 2018. Plus, all first classes are complimentary, provided that you’re a Hong Kong resident. Time to get booking!

The Practice, 5/F, LKF29. 29 Wyndham Street, Central, Hong Kong, www.thepracticegroup.com

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