9 July, 2015
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Fish & Meat – A New Daily Free-Style Menu!

9 July, 2015


Fish & Meat sits comfortably on the first floor of 32 Wyndham Street, a quick and easy retreat away from the heavy street traffic that Central is infamous for. This “it” restaurant is packed nearly every night, and as soon as you walk in you can see why. The rustic décor with bleached wooden tables and hanging yellow ceiling lights creates an almost farmhouse feel, which is warm and welcoming, perfect for their “farm to table” food philosophy.

fish & meat - new menu interior

The additional industrial bar area and open terrace also add to the this blend of casual, cool comfort. The rest of Sassy loved their first experience at Fish & Meat, so I was super excited to try it out for myself and to see what the ‘new culinary experience’ with a daily ‘free-style’ menu was all about.

fish & meat - new menu terrace150112-S-Stickers-FoodReviewArticles_v1-drinks

We all know that Maximal Concepts’ dining always involves a tasty cocktail menu. Head mixologist, Liam Baer, has created a refreshing collection of mocktails and cocktails for the summer, which I had to sample before I tried the food.

fish & meat - new menu elderflower fizz

The Elderflower Fizz, a customer favourite, will definitely hit the spot on a hot summer night. The orange blossom created a flowery but refined taste, while the hint of mint adding a cooling element to the entire drink. Being non-alcoholic, it’s the perfect accompany to your lunch.

Another of my favourite mocktails was the Homemade Sicilian Lemonade. The pink lemonade is served with fresh blueberries; unusually a few stalks of thyme and a spoonful of blueberry jam which all worked amazingly well together. Plus, drinks always taste better when served in a cute mason jar!

fish & meat - new menu kale drink

If you ask kindly, the mixer can add a dash of alcohol to your mocktails. However, from their already alcoholic selection, the healthy and refreshing “Kale in Comparison” stood out the most.


This summer, Fish & Meat has launched a brand new dining concept that offers a menu that changes daily and weekly. This concept allows Head Chef Russell Doctrove to incorporate only the freshest and most seasonal ingredients, which are bought every morning. Made to share, there are small and large plates to choose from. A selection of chosen dishes will always be regulars on the menu, however the handwritten dishes are ones that have been created in response to the available ingredients sold by our local farmers… so you know that it’s super spontaneous and creative cooking!

fish & meat - new menu mussells

One of the starters I tried was the “delight of the day” (which I hope remains on the menu!),  Australian Blue Mussels ($190). Served in a light herb broth, the mussels were as fresh as they could come and the pancetta gave the dish a nice salty zing. The crispy brioche toast was perfect for soaking up all the left over broth… comfort food at its best.

fish & meat - new menu uni pasta 2

I can never resist a little bit of uni! The Sea Urchin Fresh Squid Ink Linguine ($340) was another one of my favourites. Although it looked quite rich, the pasta was surprisingly light and the creamy texture held the salty salmon roe, garlic and chilli flavours together well.

fish & meat - new menu prawns

Onto the last (not-so-small) small plate! I loved the Oven Roasted Indian Ocean Tiger Prawns ($185), which were already peeled and ready to eat. They had a nice smoky and charred flavour from the sweet corn, which was complimented by the zesty lemon and slightly spicy sauce.

fish & meat - new menu steak

Staying loyal to the name of the restaurant, we tried both a fish and a meat ‘large plate’. I’m not normally a huge beefeater, but the 14oz USDA 400-day Grain Fed Rib Eye ($550) was definitely a winner. The meat was packed with intense flavour and was not overshadowed by the simple spring onion and coriander salad.

fish & meat - new menu fish

On to the fish, which also did not disappoint. The French Monkfish ($330) with capers, lemon thyme and wilted spinach was beautifully presented with a moat of cauliflower puree, which complimented the meaty, fresh fish.

fish & meat - new menu risotto

We also tried the Spring Onion Risotto ($180) with arugula and parmesan, which was simple but impressively light. A perfect addition to any of the meat or fish dishes and a great veggie alternative.

fish & meat - new menu lemon tart 2

You can’t go to Fish & Meat without trying one of their desserts! From the Sicilian Lemon Tart ($80) and Pavlova ($95) to the Dark Chocolate Fondant ($110), the menu has all the classic, favourite homemade desserts. Out of the selection we tried, I have to say the Pavlova was my top pick. The meringue was perfectly crunchy on the outside but gooey on the inside, and the basil and yogurt sorbet, made fresh and limited daily, made it extra special. A unique and delightful dessert that is perfect for summer!
 fish & meat - new menu chef bartender


I think its fair to say that by the end of dinner I was satisfyingly stuffed! The free-style menu made the whole dining experience feel innovative and exciting, and it’s definitely a good enough excuse to visit this restaurant again! I felt very at-home amongst the comfortable décor and would even pay a visit for a quick drink at the bar area for another enticing cocktail. The farm to table philosophy is made even more evident by this new concept, and you can really taste the freshness of the ingredients in Chef Russell’s food. So if you’re looking for a summer meal that is super fresh and delicious, then make sure you stop by Fish & Meat!

Fish & Meat, 32 Wyndham Street, Central, Hong Kong, www.fishandmeat.hk

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