13 January, 2017
Momotaro Review Hero
Momotaro Review Hero
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Momotaro: Fresh and Innovative Japanese Cuisine in Central

13 January, 2017
Momotaro Review Hero

Contemporary Japanese Fusion and Green Tea Sake

Tucked away in amongst the hustle and bustle of Wellington Street resides Momotaro, a hip and modern Japanese joint which serves up fresh and innovative Japanese-fusion food. Boasting a wide range of colourful dishes amidst a contemporary and modern setting; this is an ideal place to pop in for Sunday lunch and a cheeky cocktail. 

Momotaro Interior



We got right down to business and sampled their special house cocktail. The Yama Momotaro is a fresh combination of Sake and Chinese Bayberry and tasted of peaches. We also couldn’t resist the Highlander, a refreshing concoction of Japanese whiskey, Scotch, soda water and Cream Soda, garnished with mint. The real treat was their house-made Japanese plum-infused Shochu however, which has been fermenting for two years; delicate and served with a Japanese plum – my preferred version of an after dinner sherry.

If you’re a Sake fan be sure to go for the Macha (green tea) Sake – it’s surprisingly sweet but a fun change from the traditional. Plus, it arrives in a glass carafe and wrapped in ice to keep it chilled.

Momotaro Scallops



The menu offers up an array or both traditional and unique dishes from Donburi bowls, sashimi, sushi rolls and light bites to heavier mains. And as per the chef’s recommendation we started with the Seared Scallops on a Warm Spinach Salad. The scallops were simple yet delicious atop the sauteed greens mixed with olive oil, salt, pepper and soy sauce – a tasty bite that you won’t want to share.

Next up was the Wagyu Beef and Sea Urchin Rice Bowl ($368), complete with a poached egg and black truffle. What’s not to like?! The semi-sweet sauce is a chef’s secret but we can vouch that it brings this dish together excellently.

Momotaro Donburi

If you’re in the mood for sushi, the Momotaro roll ($398) is a must! Each order is accompanied by four generously sized rolls stuffed with sea urchin, salmon roe, sweet shrimp and topped with caviar – fancy! The creamy sea urchin has a mild oceanic taste which blended fabulously with the bite of sweet shrimp and the saltiness of the fish eggs. Accompanied by a little soy sauce, this was one of my favourite plates.

Then came the Aji Whole Fish Sashimi. A seasonal specialty, this white fish is found in the winter months and luckily for us, the timing was just right! After we devoured the fish, the skeleton and head was taken away to be used as stock in our Miso Soup which followed. The winning dish was the by far the Truffled Seafood Charamushi, a savoury custard dish with pieces of scallop, shrimp and mushroom topped with a bite of decadent truffle. The strong egg flavour complemented each component of the dish surprisingly well, and being the egg enthusiast that I am, I would go back just for this.

Momotaro Truffle Egg



For pristine Japanese cuisine made with quality ingredients, fresh sashimi and a killer sushi roll, Momotaro is a great choice. We loved the contemporary ambiance, mood lighting and range of Japanese fare on the menu. This is a great spot for a date night in Central or even a quick pit stop for lunch with their set lunch menu offerings. 

Momotaro, 198 Wellington Street, Central, Hong Kong, www.momotarohk.com

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