10 January, 2017
lobster platter from hungry lobster
lobster platter from hungry lobster
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Hungry Lobster: Surf ‘n’ Turf on Tang Lung Street

10 January, 2017
lobster platter from hungry lobster

Lavish Lobster Rolls in Causeway Bay

A new Surf ‘n’ Turf resto has touched down in the heart of Honkers and made home on the small but vibrant Tang Lung Street in Causeway Bay! Hungry Lobster is a colourful joint that’s hard to miss, with bright lights and floor-to-ceiling windows.

interior of hungry lobster




Small white fish and boating paddles hang from the ceiling, with large fishing nets draping across the centre of the room. The small space provides an open-plan kitchen, allowing guests to peek in on the chefs – a welcomed, behind-the-scenes preview into the making of their delicious lobster rolls!




Hoping for an ice-cold beer with my lobster roll and chips, I was a bit surprised that the only drinks they offer aside from tap water were a series of “Bless” cold-pressed juices. The Skin Angel made with pineapple, pear and lime was quite delicious however, and they offer five different types that are not only healthy but offset those buttery rolls perfectly.

grilled prawns from hungry lobster




The menu is simple, offering up dinners which combine both lobster and steak, as well various as à la carte options ranging from salads to lobster cakes and pastas. The Lobster Salad is minimal but both tasty and refreshing with crisp iceberg lettuce, a small portion of meaty lobster, boiled egg and cherry tomatoes. The star of the dish was definitely the accompanying thai ginger dressing which was light and full of flavour.  The Lobster Bisque tasted lovely, but did have a slightly bitter aftertaste. You wouldn’t think to order a pasta dish here, but to our surprise it was quite delicious. With just the right amount of meaty lobster bits mixed in with a red tomato sauce, the taste won me over!

lobster roll from hungry lobster

The main attraction of course was the Lobster Roll – big in bite but petite in portion. The toast is thick, soft and buttery. In the States, we call it Texas toast and as I sit here typing I’m salivating at the thought. The few chunks of meaty lobster went amazingly with the warm butter served on the side. I easily could have eaten two of them! The roll is served with cajun spiced fries and ketchup for dipping.

steak and lobster at hungry lobster




The vibe I get feels more like a quick pitstop for a bite, perfect to grab something before a movie date, rather than somewhere to opt for a sit down dinner. On a Wednesday night there was a steady flow of customers and and the kitchen served us quickly. Next time I’m craving a buttery lobster roll, I will back for sure!

Hungry Lobster, Shop 3, G/F, V Point, 18 Tang Lung Street, Causeway Bay www.facebook.com/hungrylobster

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