14 October, 2014

Customised skincare at Kate Somerville! Plus a special Sassy giveaway

14 October, 2014

Anti-aging. There, I said it. As a 20-something, this is a phrase I dread to see on any skincare product in my bathroom. So when I went over for a personal consultation at the Kate Somerville counter in Lane Crawford, I was a little apprehensive. As excited as I was for this one-of-a-kind customised skin care experience, I definitely didn’t want to be told that I had to start using products that would slow down the ageing process, especially when I felt it hadn’t even begun!

However, when I met Kevin the skin technician (I felt like he needed his own telly show, a la Bill Nye the Science Guy!), there was no mention of my age or what I should or shouldn’t be doing as part of my skincare routine. Kate Somerville is known for being all about customised skincare, and I could already tell that this consultation was going to be completely personalised…

Kevin started the consultation by asking me about my existing skincare routine, to which I honestly told him it was a face wash in the shower and some form of moisturiser. And that was it. I was still using baby wipes to remove my make-up too. Anyway, I discovered that over the years, all these bad habits have led to dry skin.


Kevin began by showing me the exfoliating mask – yep, a product that did two things at once… my lazy self liked this already! The ExfoliKate ($595) has antioxidants which means it works without massaging too much. He followed with moisturising toner. I was always under the impression that toner was bad for your skin as it was drying (hence why I never used the stuff), but this one had a creamy consistency that really moisturised.

The DermalQuench ($870) came next, and this is Kate Somerville’s hero product. It works wonders on regenerating the skin, as it has pure oxygen in it. Kevin then showed me the day serum and the night serum, both of which contained vitamin C – which is also good for regenerating the skin overnight.


Overall, I loved the experience at the Kate Somerville counter. Kevin listened to my needs and suggested a customised skincare routine that was personalised to me… a true skincare guru! My only problem is I’m horribly lazy when it comes to looking after my skin. The one product I have been using religiously though is the body rescue cream ($415), which smells divine and doesn’t leave a greasy finish on my skin. I’ll definitely be buying tubes of this stuff!

It’s totally worth having someone help you update your bathroom cabinet – that tub of Nivea Soft was good while it lasted, but it’s time to up our game, ladies. And maybe I just need to stop shuddering at the thought of getting older… and start looking after my skin better!

Kate Somerville is one of the best brands in skincare, and if you want to get in on the action then you’re in luck! We’re giving FIVE Sassy readers the chance to win a personalised skin consultation with Kevin, the go-to skin guru at Kate Somerville in ifc mall. You’ll not only enjoy this customised consultation, but you’ll also receive a set of 8-10 Kate Somerville products after the consult, worth between $5,000-$7,000! Consults will be available at the following times:

  • 23 October 12-2pm
  • 24 October 4-6pm
  • 25 October 12-3pm

Simply enter your deets here or by clicking the button below for the chance to win!

This giveaway has now closed!

Kate Somerville products are available at Lane Crawford in ifc mall and Canton Road in Hong Kong.


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