15 October, 2014

Sassy’s Expert Guide to Choosing a Wedding Photographer

15 October, 2014

Choosing a pre-wedding or wedding photographer can be an overwhelming process; not only do you have to consider each company’s styles, offerings, and prices – you also have to make sure you look good in the photos! Don’t fret brides-to-be, we’ve got a handy guide from snap happy wedding photographer Tracy Wong on getting the most out of your wedding photography.


Pick a photographer for more than just their style

The perfect photographer for your engagement and wedding day photos not only should have an excellent handle of their art, but should have good chemistry with you. A lot of times couples only search for a photographer who shoots the way they like, but time and again I’ve heard people not getting along with their photographer, thus ruining their overall experience.

Since you will be working closely with each other, choose a photographer for their personality in addition to their photography style. I highly recommend meeting with he/she before signing a contract to get an idea of whether you work well together.



What is important to you may not mean the same to your photographer. I suggest putting together a shot list before your photo shoot or wedding day. This doesn’t have to be extensive; every wedding photographer should know to get standard shots, e.g. photos of the bride with her mother, details of the rings, etc. Mainly, point out elements or events that are out of the ordinary, such as a necklace that has a sentimental meaning, or ask your photographer to focus on your fiancé’s reaction when you surprise him with a gift.

I can’t speak for all wedding photographers, but I encourage lots of questions during the planning process. My previous experience can help you make good judgements and avoid blind guesses. After all, I’ve done this dozens of times, whereas this is probably your first!


Get enough sleep and stay hydrated

This tip sounds so elementary but it’s often neglected. You can retouch dark eye circles, but airbrushing won’t help if you feel and look exhausted! I think wedding photography is all about capturing moments that relate to your fond memories, and there would not be much to remember if you’re not enjoying yourself. Get some rest the night before and get your photos taken with a fresh and open mind.

All of the images above were taken by Tracy herself, how talented is she? To book Tracy for your special day, take a look at her website here

Tracy Wong is a photographer in Hong Kong who spent the last 5 years in the San Francisco Bay Area capturing the happy moments of couples near and far. What sets her apart is her natural aesthetic for photography, and her attention to personal care for her clients. Her pride and joy is getting to develop a relationship that helps people feel at ease in front of the camera. She is available in Hong Kong and worldwide to photograph families, weddings, engagements, and even surprise marriage proposals! Check out her website for more stunning captures.

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