2 March, 2011

Clarisonic: The Verdict

2 March, 2011

You can read the first part of Danielle’s experience with Clarisonic here… Today she tells us her final verdict on the product!

Week 2

If you’ve ever tried microdermabrasion you’ll know what I mean when I say I look in the mirror and notice my skin looks noticeably brighter, as though I’d been looking at myself through smeared glasses before. I’m chuffed with the results from the Clarisonic, as it does not leave me with red or sensitive skin.

Week 3

The spots have subsided leaving me with the closest thing to blemish-free skin in years!

Week 4

I pack my new favourite gadget with me on a week-long trip to Malaysia. This will surely put it to the test as the change in humidity often triggers some skin freak-out. While it did not prevent this entirely, I can vouch that my skin was able to behave better than it usually does. Impressively, the battery lasted the whole week without needing to be recharged once. If you use it on your body, however, the battery life probably wouldn’t hold up as long.

My final verdict? The Clarisonic won’t prevent pesky hormones, pollution or drastic changes in weather from upsetting your skin. You might still encounter clogged pores, and you might still need to see a professional beautician for extractions. You should find however that any problem areas will decrease in time, and with consistent use.

If you wear makeup frequently, I highly recommend investing in this: it will set you back no more than the price of two facials and your skin will love you for it. In the long term, it’s how you pamper your skin each day that matters, and I can’t think of a better way than with this!

By Danielle Yong

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