12 June, 2017
Grace Lam items in her purse
Grace Lam items in her purse

Grace Lam Tells Sassy: What Every Girl Should Keep In Her Bag

12 June, 2017
Grace Lam items in her purse

From jewellery to lipstick, former VOGUE Stylist shares her secrets


We’re often in awe of some women and wonder how they always manage to look so damn fabulous. It’s like they have their own personal stylist following them around or something. So we asked former Senior Fashion Style Editor of VOGUE China, Grace Lam, to let us peek in her handbag and examine her goods. She graciously (without judgment, thank you) let us know what every gal should have with her to achieve that 852 awesomeness.

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Victoria Beckham eye pallette

Victoria Beckham Eye Pallette  – “I’m a really lazy person, and when I like something immediately, I use it. The quality [of this eye shadow] is very good. I have oily eyelids and this manages to stay on all day. [I find other eye shadows] are too powdery, but this stays on.” Her trick? She gently wipes her eyelids with a tissue, dusts foundation powder on top of her lids, and then applies the Victoria Beckham eye shadow.

Maybelline Eye Studio ‘Hyper Sharp’ Laser Precision Liner – “I’ve tried endless amounts of eyeliners, and this is the only thing that I like and that works well. They’ve got it sorted when it comes to the tip and the thickness. I’ve tried everything and this is [the best]. You can even buy it at Watsons!”

Grey Ant sunglasses

A pair of unique Grey Ant sunglasses – “They have very cool styles, which I like.”

Joomi Lim fashion jewellery rings or earrings –  “I’ve been a fan for years and years. I have serious baby brain, so sometimes I forget an appointment and I’m not dressed for it. I keep some of these in my bag to toss on. Even if I’m just in a T-shirt and jeans, adding some of these makes me look great.”

Grace Lam wearing Ruby Woo

Mac ‘Ruby Woo’ lipstick – “It’s the only thing I use because it stays on so well.”

Kiehl’s Butterstick Lip Treatment  – “I like this because the [Ruby Woo] lipstick is sometimes drying. I don’t rub it in; I dab on a few spots and that’s all I need. I apply this first, and then apply the lipstick after. Then I blot it off with a tissue.”

Kiehl's cactus flower and tibetan ginseng mist

Kiehl’s Cactus Flower & Tibetan Ginseng Hydrating Mist Mini spray  – “This is just so refreshing. Hong Kong is so polluted, so this is good for when you’ve just spent a half a day walking around. Also, in public, it’s good to spray around you when you’re in small spaces [when it’s stuffy].”

Tiger balm ointment – “Mosquitos love me, so this is perfect for mosquito bites, especially in Hong Kong.”

Rechargeable battery – “Because my phone battery goes down so quickly.”

Jo Malone spray

Jo Malone ‘Pomegranate Noir’ Cologne – “I love this scent and it’s [in a] mini bottle, so it fits perfectly in my bag.”

Chewing gum – “I love spicy food, so if I need to have a quick [fresh breath] fix!”

Face masks – “For when I go to mega busy places [and don’t want to catch any germs]!”

Grace Lam items in her purse

Business cards – “You never know who’ll you meet. Only in HK and Asia do you use a lot of business cards. In London, I never used them. No one ever asked me. In Asia, you’re in the fish market and people are like, ‘Do you have a business card?’ Within two weeks of moving to Shanghai from London I gave out 200 business cards.”

Plaster bandages and disinfecting wipes – “For [blisters from] high heels.”

Mini mirror- “To apply makeup.”

Packet of tissues, wallet and credit cards – “For obvious reasons.”

Thanks to Grace Lam, Fashion Director, Stylist, Vlogger.
Instagram: @gracelamstyle
Youtube: Grace Lam (Search for ‘Grace Lam Style episode 1)

Grey Ant sunglasses via Grey Ant

Joomi Lim via Joomi Lim

Product images via company websites

Grace Lam’s Tote bag via Eddy Fung, COMPOUND by 3 Spirit, IG:  compoundby3spirit


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