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Shop Your Style: Casual, Classic, Edgy, Girly or Bohemian

One of my favourite features about ShopBop.Com is the “Shop Your Style” feature. I like to check in every once in a while to get ideas about what might work for me, and just to get general inspiration for outfits! I always look at the “Girly” category, as, as much as I would like to have a bit more of an edgy style, ruffles, florals and floaty silk dresses are what make my heart beat faster. I usually also check out “Classic” and “Bohemian” which represent Maura and Natalie respectively and where I also usually find a lot that I like. I think they do a great job of putting the looks together and pulling individual items that will fit into your existing wardrobe.

I’m also excited because I never knew about their “Free Shipping Anywhere” policy, which means that if you spend more than US$100 (and it’s easy to do on this site), they’ll ship to HK for free. I have my eye on several items that I’m considering!

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