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Pantry Magic

Funny enough I’m a terrible cook, though ironically one of my favourite rooms to shop for is my kitchen!  I love finding pretty appliances like stainless steel mixers and vintage looking scales that double as decor on my counters.

One of my favourite kitchen-only boutiques is a quaint little shop located on Lok Ku Road in Central; Pantry Magic. This adorable shop is filled with all the saucepans, knives, mixers, pots, pans, bakeware and cooking supplies that you could dream of. Plus Pantry Magic offers an array of cooking classes almost every Saturday from Indian and Mexican Cuisine to pies and home-made whip cream.

So whether your a Domestic Goddess or just a wanna be like me, Pantry Magic is definitely worth checking out!

Pantry Magic, G/F, 25 Lok Ku Rd, Central, 2504 0688
Open everyday 10:30am – 7:30pm

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