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New Year’s Resolution: Volunteer Trip

When I first arrived in Hong Kong I was introduced to volunteering because I had tons of free time on my hands. I thought this was the perfect opportunity to focus my time and energy on becoming familiar with the local culture through the eyes of children. I volunteered for the AWA’s English Conversation Program and Riding for the Disabled and the time I spent with each group always managed to become the highlight of my day.

I am sad to say that in the past 6 months I have not volunteered so in 2010 I am making it a main priority in my life…whether it be an hour a week or month.

I also want to plan a trip to Cambodia or Nepal and spend 1-2 weeks helping to empower young girls. This is something I have always wanted to do and I am finally realizing that if I don’t make an effort to do it I will always find some reason why I can’t (aka “I’m too busy”). We posted a video about a month ago called “The Girl Effect” and it is beautiful. Seeing this video made me realize that we have such a powerful gift to give young girls and I am looking forward to helping them realize how strong and important they really are.

If you have a organization that is close to your heart let us know.

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