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About Sassy

Sassy is the Hong Kong girl’s hub for original lifestyle content and honest opinion that covers this buzzing city top-to-bottom and supports a strong, real-life community of Sassy girls. From our up-to-the minute website to our special events (you won’t want to miss out on our Sassy Hours!), we’ve got life in Hong Kong sussed.

Your first step should be to sign up for our mailing list (don’t worry, Sassy doesn’t spam) to get the inside scoop on fab deals and discounts plus  the hottest invitations. Don’t forget to keep your finger on the Sassy pulse by liking our Facebook Page and following us on Twitter too. And if you’re a mum, we’ve got you covered too with our sister site, Sassy Mama.

Sassy is all about you, so get involved, be part of the Sassy community and love Hong Kong!



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