18 November, 2016
pei ho popup charity
pei ho popup charity
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Sassy Supports: Pei Ho Counterparts Charity Pop-up Store

18 November, 2016
pei ho popup charity

Feeding Hong Kong, one lunch box at a time


Imagine eating your lunch and knowing you’re helping to feed the needy at the same time. Well, with the soon to open Pei Ho Counterparts Pop-up Store in LKF, you will be able to do just that. The amazing initiative from restaurateur Ming Gor will provide busy workers in Central with a delicious to-go lunch, with the proceeds from the sales going towards the Pei-Ho (Ming Gor) Charity Foundation, helping to support the underprivileged in our society.

pei ho counterparts

What is it?

Restaurant owner Ming Gor (or Brother Ming, as he has been fondly named) who is known for his work distributing lunch boxes to the homeless and for his support of the needy, is set to open a pop-up store in LKF. With the permanent social enterprise of Pei Ho Counterparts already open in Sham Shui Po, Kowloon, the new pop-up strives to further Ming Gor’s works and continue to support the community.

From Thursday, 17 November – Thursday, 15 December 2016 (Monday – Friday, 11.30am – 2.30pm) Pei Ho Counterparts Pop-up Store will be selling lunch-boxes and meal vouchers, with all proceeds going towards the Pei Ho (Ming Gor) Charity Foundation.

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What do they do?

The Pop-up will be selling nine variations of Ming Gor’s delicious specialty lunch boxes, as well as meal vouchers throughout its time in operation. Your purchased meal vouchers will be offered to people in need by Pei Ho Counterparts on your behalf – entitling one person to one free meal per voucher.

The aim of the pop-up is to sell 40,000 meal vouchers (which will equal the amount needed for one-year’s worth of free-meals for the needy). The Pei-Ho (Ming Gor) Charity Foundation will receive all net proceeds from the Pop-up and the funds raised will go towards supporting and feeding underprivileged citizens.

It’s also worth noting that the lunch-boxes and utensils used will be made using bagasse, the fibrous remnants of sugar cane. This will create a beautiful and biodegradable lunchbox, sure to complement the fresh ingredients kept inside!

pei ho counterparts charity pop up

How can you help?

Buy a lunchbox and eat for charity! Get down to the Pei Ho Counterparts Charity Pop-up Store, from Thursday, 17 November – Thursday, 15 December (find them at: Ground Floor Lobby, No. 1 Lan Kwai Fong, Central, Hong Kong) – pay for yours with Android Pay and Pei Ho will receive an additional $4 donation.

You can also buy the meal vouchers via other supporting organisations and partners; including 7-Eleven stores across Hong Kong, via Deliveroo and on the Pei Ho Counterparts’ website.

Pei Ho’s specialty lunch boxes cost $32 each and the meal vouchers are $24 each, which is the price it costs to provide a free meal to an underprivileged citizen.

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