9 March, 2017
Rugby sevens costume tips
Rugby sevens costume tips
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Hong Kong Rugby Sevens: 5 Tips to Get Your Costume Noticed

9 March, 2017
Rugby sevens costume tips

Stand Out in the South Stand


With one of the biggest events in Hong Kong’s annual calendar rapidly approaching, it’s time to get serious and start planning, girls! And we’re talking costumes. Everybody knows that the main event lies in what you’re wearing…

We’ve all been there: we panicked, bought something from Pottinger Street the day before, or (yet again) resorted to the ever-faithful stripy top and eye-patch (does anyone really need to see another group of girls dressed as pirates?). So, this year we’re planning ahead and creating costumes that’ll be remembered for Sevens to come, and if you’re having the same thoughts, take a look at our 5 tips below. We promise it’ll make finding your photos on Facebook come Monday morning so much easier….

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rugby 7s mario and luigi

Strength in Numbers

One way to stand out from the crowd is by gathering your own. Sure, you want your costume to be original and a little different, but sometimes the real strength lies in how many of you there are! It’s easy to miss the lone Mario and Luigi roaming around, but when you’re a crowd of 45, you’re much harder to forget!

Rugby 7s colourful costumes

The More Colourful, The Better

Colours will always get you noticed (and make it super easy to find your friends amongst the crowds!) So, whether there’s five or 50 of you, going bright and bold is an easy way to make your costume memorable. Neon fabrics will ensure that you stand out in the sea of South Stand fans and make a real statement!

rugby 7s emoji costumes

Go Current and On Trend

Speak to our generation and base your costume around what’s been happening recently or what’s popular now. Whether this means dressing up as a crowd of emoji’s, or a certain political figure (ahem) is up to you…

rugby 7s costumes

Originality is Key

Like with anything, people are always going to remember what’s different. Yet another crowd of Minion’s probably won’t get you on the cover of the SCMP, so try thinking outside of the box this year. Even if this means putting in that little bit more effort with your costume, it’s the price you’ll just have pay to get noticed!

Count on the Shock Factor

If all else fails the cruder and the ruder (we’ll spare you the picture) is, unfortunately, the better. Now, we’re not saying that we’re advocates of this method, but if you’re willing to go down this road, you will definitely make a statement – just maybe at the expense of a little dignity. We’ll leave this one with you…

All images sourced via Hong Kong Sevens Facebook Page

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