Paint the Town Red: Sassy’s Favourite Deals from The Entertainer

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ABC Cooking Studio Trial Lesson


Estimated Savings: $280

I’ve always wanted to take a cooking class because…well, I’m a terrible, terrible cook. Don’t get me wrong I can follow a recipe but when it comes to intuitively adding ingredients for flavour, I just can’t make it work! And that’s why I was so excited to see the buy-one-get-one offer for a Trial Lesson at ABC Cooking Studio in Central. Not only could I explore cooking and hones in my skills, but I could take a friend to both laugh at and with me. I feel like I can step out of my comfort zone, but not feel hesitant on splashing out the cash whilst doing so!

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Seoul Bros Bibimbap


Estimated Savings: $48

Korean food is one of my absolute faves and Seoul Bro’s is such an easy mid-week option (especially as the Hollywood Road branch is so close to the Sassy office!), so seeing the buy-one-get-one on Bibimap offer got me seriously excited. It means that I can drag my boyfriend along and we can enjoy a yummy Bibimbap each and then, as we’re only paying for one, we can order an extra Banh Mi to share! It’s a win win for week night dining.

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La Cr​ê​perie Main Meals


Estimated Savings: $108

As a loyal customer to La Crêperie, a buy-one-get-one offer is just an extra bonus for me! From your classic ham and cheese combo on a savoury gluten-free galette (ask for extra cheese), to the sweet pancakes drizzled with homemade salted caramel (ask for extra caramel), there really is something to satisfy every craving. If you’re looking for an alternative, The Entertainer’s BOGO deal also extends to all other mains – including the lobster pasta. You don’t need to ask me twice, girls – I’m sold!

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Ngong Ping 360 - Walking with Buddha Attraction


Estimated Savings: $40

I’ve been on Ngong Ping 360 a handful of times and walked up those never-ending steps to get to the top of the Big Buddha with visitors but I’ve never done the Walking with Buddha attraction… it’s high time I did it for a better understanding of, well, Buddha! There’s an immersive experience through Buddha’s life, and once you’ve taken it all in, that’s the time to put your trainers on and walk up all those steps.

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For Paws Pet Salon - Dog's Basic Grooming


Estimated Savings: $250

If you’re a pup owner, you’ll share in my bewilderment at the rate their claws grow! Seriously, they were just clipped last Sunday, how they’re suddenly twice the length is beyond me. So a buy-one-get-one on all basic grooming services is perfect! For Paws Pet Salon offers a whole range of puppy treats and treatments, so you can pop in to clip their nails one day and head back for a fur trim the next – at no additional cost!

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