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Salvadore (Mixed breed, 2 years old, male)

Two-year-old Salvadore has had a horrible past, however its left no scars and he is enjoying a new lease of life in his current foster home. Salvadore loves kids and will follow them for a kind word or a pat. He is healthy, toilet-trained and up to date on his vaccinations!

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Berty (Domestic Shorthair, 14 years old, male)

Berty is Kirsten’s Zoo’s oldest and most handsome cat, with a lot of life still in him. He’s a gentle, no nonsense kind of cat and like most cats, what you see is what you get. He likes attention and enjoys company when he feels like it, for the rest he’s happy to sleep and dream! Berty would be happiest with a quieter family with older or no kids.

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Charlie & Lola (Domestic Shorthair, 3.5 year old, females)

Charlie and Lola are healthy sibling girls, friendly and easy-going, not to mention inseparable! They were given up when their original owners left Hong Kong. They’d perhaps be happiest with older kids, but are so deserving of a forever home!

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Crystal (Mixed breed, 2 years old, female)

Crystal is the best! A happy, healthy, toilet-trained, free-spirited dog, who loves life and just wants to play, run around and be cuddled. Oh, and get treats for being obedient (sometimes!) Crystal loves people, other dogs and is good with cats too. She would be best in a home with lots of company!

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Gene (Mixed Breed, 12 years old, male)

Sadly, after 12 years together, his best friend and brother passed away – they’d never been apart. Gene is now learning how to do things and be by himself with the help of another dog in his foster home. He’s a gentle soul and would be happiest with another dog to follow, as he’s no leader. He has some living to do, is toilet-trained and low-maintenance.

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Jaga (Belgian Malinois, 5 years old, male)

This gorgeous boy is in a private kennel while Kirsten’s Zoo works with him to prepare him for a new life and owner. Jaga would be best with a single person – his loyalty knows no limits and he just wants to be with you, please you, and be loved by you.

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Pia (Domestic Shorthair, 6 years old, female)

Pia is in foster and is as happy as she can be, given her circumstances. She’d do best in a home with someone who is around more to interact with, perhaps with a couple or a single older person, as she’s a bit shy. All she needs is a chance to shine!





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Stan (Corgi, 7 years old, male)

Stan is a cute little fatty, though he is epileptic. It doesn’t stop him from living a normal life, but does tend to have two seizures a month, which are really manageable. He goes to the dog park in his pram (the large number of people and noise in congested areas scare him), and once there he comes to life and flies around making friends with any and every willing candidate!

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Utah (British Shorthair, 9 years old, male)

Utah’s owner surrendered him and they said he had toothache, when in fact he had an abscess, rotten teeth, was dehydrated and diabetic. All through neglected! Kirsten’s Zoo is in the process of fixing this gorgeously friendly boy. He’s a gem and will be someone’s BFF given the chance.

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