25 July, 2017
Bamboo Yoga Hong Kong
Bamboo Yoga Hong Kong
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Bamboo Yoga: The Most Insta-Worthy Exercise Class in Hong Kong?

25 July, 2017
Bamboo Yoga Hong Kong

Aerial yoga workshops on the beach


District: Sheung Wan (Yoga BamBam) and Sai Kung (Sai Wan Beach)
How much: Half -day workshop $480-$520; Full-day workshop $680-$720. Click here to check out the full line-up of workshops.
Best For: Something different! Great for beginners and seasoned yogis.

Bamboo Aerial Yoga Hong Kong

We’ve all seen incredible photos of Instagram yogis posing against a sunset backdrop — there’s something beautiful about being away from the city and connecting with nature that liberates our mind and body. You might think that aerial yoga is only practiced using hanging hammocks inside a studio, but have you ever thought of trying aerial yoga not only on the beach, but also over the ocean, with the support of bamboo?

Bamboo Yoga Bam Bam Hong Kong

Founded by Aleksandra Milewicz, Bamboo Yoga is a unique yoga workshop that brings the practice back to nature. If you’re wondering whether it is safe hanging upside down from bamboo poles, you’re not the only one. As a complete aerial yoga beginner, I was slightly worried about using only bamboo to support my body while struggling with the poses.

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It turned out my concerns were unnecessary however, as Aleksandra’s aerial yoga class at Yoga BamBam in the morning really helped me get comfortable with using the hammock. I even learnt a few inversion poses within an hour. I also quickly realised how strong the bamboo is when we were at the beach and felt the support of the tripod – no wonder its used for scaffolding all over Hong Kong!

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Bamboo Yoga Hong Kong

Bamboo Yoga offers a full or half-day workshop every weekend. A full-day (perfect for beginners) starts with an aerial yoga class at Yoga BamBam in Sheung Wan where you learn the basics. By the time you finish the class, you should be ready to hit the beaches of Sai Kung. The hike to Tai Long Wan starts from Sai Wan Pavilion, a 20-minute taxi ride from Sai Kung Town Centre, and after a 30-45 minute hike (mostly downhill), you will reach Sai Wan beach. For those familiar with aerial yoga and comfortable going into inversions (with some assistance), the half-day is a great way to experience the workshop and show off your skills against a stunning backdrop.

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Sai Wan Beach Hong Kong

What I love about the concept of Bamboo Yoga is the combination of aerial yoga practice, a gorgeous hike, spending time at the beach and snapping seriously cool photos. Occasionally we can forget how amazing Hong Kong is when we’re caught up in city. The workshop gives locals and travellers alike the perfect opportunity to escape from the crowd, appreciate the outdoors and reap the benefits of aerial yoga at the same time.

Practicing above water is not as daunting as it sounds and is suitable for beginners. If you can do it in a studio, the only challenge you might have when you rely on the support of the bamboo tripod is that you can’t easily get down from the hammock as it’s hung quite far above the water (the distance between the hammock and water is designed for inversion poses). It means that you will have to be in the air for a while while practicing different poses (read: posing for pictures) and you will get tired pretty quickly. Simply get down when you need to and let your muscles relax for a while before another round.

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Bamboo Yoga Hong Kong

Anyone who is into fitness (like myself) or keen to try something new will benefit from the release of tension on the bones and muscles, an increase of flexibility and strengthening your core. And what better way to spend the weekend than hanging from bamboo, hiking one of the most scenic routes in Hong Kong and taking Instagram worthy photos, all in one? Forget the gym, fly over the ocean and get a deep stretch under the sun!

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