27 October, 2014

Wedding Film Photography with Zosia Zacharia

27 October, 2014

Looking for a unique film photographer? Zosia Zacharia has your negatives ready to print. Meeting clients at The Clipper Lounge at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Zosia Zacharia and I sat down to tea with a couple of warm scones and lost ourselves for two hours in wedding talk bliss. Her background in fashion in Asia has taken her to doing something she loves with an eye for styling and detail.

“Working with film, captures a graininess and colour that digital doesn’t. Film flatters all skin tones and makes pastels super soft, while brights pop.  The graininess of black and white film lends gives photographs an old movie star quality”

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She shares as she pulls out some of her past work for me to see. Working with film is definitely an art, as the sunlight and time of day is crucial to capturing the perfect moments and Zosia works with her clients to even plan their wedding day timeline well in advance.

She explains, “Shooting film makes me live in the moment and slow down to consider every frame, as film and development has a price attached.”

zosia zacharia

It’s the care and fine details that makes working with her such a pleasure. Between capturing couples for engagements and weddings, she creates beautiful spreads for magazines and designers. This down to earth, stylish photogapher also shoots overseas in the U.K. and Paris during their peak wedding seasons, which are Hong Kong’s sweatiest months!

She tells me, “I get booked almost a year in advance with some couples!”

The more time you have to plan, the better.  Zosia shared that as an artist, you have to know what your style is and that it won’t always match what couples are looking for, but most of the time people have been referred to her or they’ve seen enough of her work to know they want to work with her.


Zosia’s approach to working with couples is truly capturing a natural look to the day and even dreamy with the use of natural day light for the photos. She has a clear package that she gives to clients when they meet outlining all the deliverables, time lines and options for after. I have found that with most digital photographers, there is a limited number of photos offered and you will definietly get what you pay for with Zosia.

After your big day or engagement shoot, Zosia guarantees your photos within four weeks. You get a beautiful proof box with all of your photos printed in 6×4”, a dvd and a USB stick and if that wasn’t enough, your photos will be available online in a client gallery to share online with your friends and family.

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Next you get to choose from nearly 100 photos which ones you love the most to create a unique, hand crafted 12”x12”, wedding book by Queensberry in New Zealand. I have seen a few samples of them and they are divine crafts to have your most cherished moments on show for years to come.

If you’re planning an engagement shoot or style shoot, Zosia also works with freelance make up artist Jaime Smith from Smudge to help you look your best for your close up!

Remember Workshop Weddings founder Christine Ritter?  (Link: ) Her wedding photos shot by Zosia can be found here along with her beautiful dress created by elDevere’s Emma Bryan.

For more information on Zosia Zacharia Photography, check out www.zosiazacharia.com.

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