26 March, 2021
We-Vibe: Feng Shui
We-Vibe: Feng Shui

4 Ways To Attract Good Feng Shui With Your Sex Toys

26 March, 2021
We-Vibe: Feng Shui scoop

Feng shui designer Thierry Chow shares how pleasure products can bring positive energy into your life.

Feng Shui has been practised in Asia for thousands of years, but among today’s younger generation its principles are often dismissed as old superstition. Even those who do believe in its benefits are usually embarrassed to admit it. Similarly, there has been a long-standing stigma surrounding self-pleasure, even though many of us are aware of the positive effects it can have on our mental, physical and emotional well-being.

We-Vibe: Thierry Chow

Local feng shui designer and founder of contemporary concept Go Lucky, Thierry Chow, has partnered with We-Vibe to clear the misconceptions people have about masturbation and feng shui, and encourage us to openly embrace their power to bring positive energy to our lives.

Thierry invites us to dig out our sex toys from the back of our drawers and use them to attract good vibes in our living spaces, improving our relationship with ourselves and others. Not only do We-Vibe’s pleasure products improve our internal energy, but their bright colours and organic shapes also carry a positive external energy that shouldn’t be hidden away.

We-Vibe: Touch X

Based on the basic principles of feng shui, Thierry suggests you keep your We-Vibe Touch X in Green Velvet – a pocket-sized waterproof vibrator – on top of any furniture in your bedroom to boost the shared growth between you and your partner. Placing it eastward will also promote personal development and a fruitful social life.

If your sexual desire needs rekindling, Theirry recommends using your Tango X bullet vibrator in Cherry Red in your kitchen. If possible, enjoy this toy in the northeast direction of your home, as the star is said to be linked to romance this year.

We-Vibe: Chorus

The wavy shape of We-Vibe’s popular remote-controlled Chorus in Blue is recommended for those who wish to improve their emotional connection with others, while those looking to attract a romantic partner should use the We-Vibe Nova 2 in Purple – an adjustable toy that can be enjoyed solo or with a partner – in the north-east corner of your flat.

This concept may be completely new to you, but what have you got to lose? Enjoy your pleasure products with pride and end the stigma once and for all. Don’t miss We-Vibe’s giveaway on Instagram, running until Friday, 30 April, 2021, for the chance to win some great prizes.*

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