14 November, 2011

Versace for H&M in Hong Kong: Sassy’s Tips for Scoring on the Launch Day

14 November, 2011

The date has been circled on my calendar for months. Days pass as slowly as molasses in winter. When, oh when, will it ever get here? What am I so excited about, you ask? No, it isn’t another birthday (blegh!). Not Christmas either. It’s The Very Best of Versace launch at H&M.

Come November 17th you will find me waiting in the cool, dark morning air queuing up for what is sure to be a big score! I pledge not to make the same mistake as last year when Lanvin/H&M came to town. That mistake was the miscalculation to arrive to the store at 6 a.m. instead of 5 a.m. It was tragic! I was the 400th person in line on Queen’s Road – only the first 280 were admitted before they were sold out!  Fail!  My backup plan of beating the crowds at Elements was a disappointment, too. By the time I arrived, I was the 350th person in line. Epic fail! I remember seeing girls wearing the poufy, red tulle dresses on the street the next day. Why, oh why, did I need those last few hours of sleep?!? Well, not this year! Do you hear me, Donatella? That leather jacket is mine! I am thinking that a 4 a.m. call time would be more than appropriate. Doors open at 8am so that is only 4 hours of waiting! Totally worth it!

If the same holds true for this collection as the last, then each shopper will only be able to buy one piece of each item. That means no buying those tropical print pants in three different sizes to try on at home and then returning the rest (or selling them for more money on ebay!). Also, it probably means that the H&M employees will be handing out bracelets to the first 280 shoppers in line and if you don’t get a bracelet well… tough cookies! You most likely will not get in before the collection has been picked clean! Once you have your bracelet, you will be let in the store in groups of 20 people to shop the collection. If you need to exchange or return anything then you only have a three day window instead of the normal 30 days.

I have scoured through the look book and selected my top picks. Number one is the leather jacket. Also, ranking near the top of my list is the black and silver silk skirt with the border print, followed by the red cape-like dress…  very superhero! As a self-proclaimed magpie, I flock to all things shiny!  And that means the gold chain belt and thick bracelet will probably find their way home with me, too.

Let me know if you plan on waking up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed with me on November 18th to get a piece of the H&M/ Versace action!

Sabrina’s Tips to Score the Goods:

1. Arrive early. 6 a.m. is late, so you know. I heard that people were camping out for Lanvin!

2. Bring a friend. You may have to lure her in with the promise of a foot rub afterward, but it is nice to have someone to go through it all with.

3. Ipods are good. Ipads are better. You will need mental stimulation to make it through.

4. Wear comfortable shoes. I am the queen of the high heel and I will practically be wearing slippers to this. You will be standing in line for several hours.

5. Wearing an outfit that you can try stuff on over is a plus. Leggings and a tank top make for a great base and allow you to try on most things over your clothing, avoiding that troublesome trip to the fitting room.

6. Bring a purse that can go cross body or over your shoulder… and then fill it with snacks and drinks. I brought a proper handbag last year and was stuck holding it for three hours and was starving the entire time. Lesson learned!

7. Know what you want and what size you need before you get there. For Lanvin, I saw girls with huge charts listing each item and what size they needed, so that they not only got what they were looking for, but what all their friends desired as well. Prior preparation prevents poor performance.

8. If you do get in, run to the collection. Walking is for those that like to lose… lose out!

9. Be nice and polite but, girl, don’t let go of that jacket! If you set it down, it is gone.

10. Don’t forget to check the men’s collection too. They have some great scarves and t-shirts and a killer black and tropical print bomber jacket from the Versace line. There is also a bubble gum pink oxford! My huge feet may actually work to my advantage!

Happy shopping!

Stores that will feature The Very Best of Versace:
68 Queen’s Road Central
- Central
 Hong Kong, 2110 9546
Kowloon Station
- Tsim Sha Tsui
 Hong Kong, 2196 8391
30 Canton Road
- Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon
 Hong Kong, 3521 1171
Langham Place 
Mong Kok Station
- Kowloon
 Hong Kong, 3580 7621


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