17 July, 2014

We try out the Venus Freeze Precious Facial Treatment at Langham Place’s Chuan Spa!

17 July, 2014

I love a good facial – particularly at this time of year when my skin is subjected to constantly yo-yoing between hot, humid air outside, and cool, dry air inside. With my complexion in need of a bit of oomph, I recently trialled the Venus Freeze Precious Facial Treatment at Langham Place Hotel’s Chuan Spa.

Venus Freeze RF treatments employ an innovative synergy of 3D bi-polar RF energy and pulsed magnetic field therapy. While the machine that fuels this facial is highly technical, to sum it up simply, this non-invasive treatment works to tighten, brighten and lift skin.

Chuan Spa Entrance

The part of the Venus Freeze RF machine used on the skin to perform the facial is about the size of a torch. By combining the machine’s advanced technology with Chuan Spa’s signature massage techniques, the 60-minute facial is super relaxing and completely pain-free (I actually fell asleep during the treatment!). The results are instant – and honestly, quite remarkable. I noticed an immediate improvement in the general look and feel of my skin. It stayed looking reinvigorated for about 10 days following – something I was very pleased about.

On top of being used for facial treatments, the Venus Freeze RF machine can also be enlisted for body sculpting, specifically around the eye area.

Chuan Spa Essential Oil

In terms of Chuan Spa itself, the facilities and staff are fabulous. Perched above Mong Kok’s chaotic city scape, their treatments are underpinned by the pillars of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Definitely worth a visit if you haven’t ventured there yet.

Venus Freeze RF treatments are available from now until the end of this month.

Langham Place Hotel, Mong Kok, 41/F, 555 Shanghai Street, Mong Kok, Kowloon, Hong Kong, 3552 3510, www.chuanspa.com. To book, contact Chuan Spa: [email protected]. See here for more info!

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