8 August, 2011

Tribe’s Travel Wallets: The Solution to the Heart-Thumping “Where’s my passport?” Moment!

8 August, 2011

There are two situations that I often find myself in on a rather regular basis.

One, constantly fussing around in my handbag when at the check in counter at the airport, heart thumping, thinking, “ oh where did I put my passport..” And two, begging my husband if he will carry my lip-gloss, mobile and credit cards etc in the pocket of his pants when we go out at night. Generally he does it, but also generally not happy about it either. I don’t think I would be if my trouser pockets were hanging half way down my leg.

Having said this, I am convinced that I am not the only woman on planet earth who has these dilemma’s every now and then. We spend thousands of dollars on the latest designer handbag that are made to carry half our lives around on a daily basis, but when it comes down to being practical and getting organised, a lot of these bags just don’t do the trick.

When my friend Rosie Jansen decided to launch her own range of designer baby bags called Tribe,  I was incredibly pleased to see that there was something in the range for the non Sassy Mama’s like me! Tribe’s Changi travel wallets (aptly named as Rosie lives in Singapore), are gorgeous and solve a lot of the problems I just described.

They are made out of incredibly soft crocodile embossed leather and large enough to hold multiple passports, currencies and cards. Most of all, the travel wallets can also double act as a clutch for the evenings, which is perfect for when you are travelling light! They are large enough to carry around most necessities for the night and comes in 3 jewelled tones (ruby red, emerald green and sapphire blue) that will look great for the summer months.  I was even more pleased when my ruby-coloured wallet made her debut out last weekend and I was asked by the lady at the next table where I had bought it from!

The Changi wallet is a great piece to add to your personal collection, but could also be a great gift for a special friend; it is a keeper ! These nifty little wallets are selling out super fast, so get your orders in now for one of these little gems!

Available at www.tribebags.com

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