31 January, 2018

Want to Win the Adventure of a Lifetime?

31 January, 2018

Enter into the #PacsafeBeMore competition


Win the adventure of a lifetime? Um, yes please!

We honestly couldn’t believe it when we heard that the anti-theft travel gear gurus at Pacsafe are giving away a two-week, all-expenses paid, anywhere-in-the-world, unforgettable travel experience to one lucky winner in the #PacsafeBeMore competition.

Like the brand’s ethos, the competition encourages travel lovers to do more, see more and be more; to live in the moment and embrace life’s adventures. The competition winner gets to go anywhere in the world on Pacsafe’s dime – sounds good to us! Pacsafe will send a photographer and filmmaker to document the winner’s two-week trip from start to finish, offering a unique opportunity for the winner to truly experience and capture every moment of the journey, while sharing their trip with Pacsafe’s online community.

Even the entry process is pretty fun – submit a 60-second video to Pacsafe sharing your personal “Be More” declaration for 2018, where you would want to go for a two-week holiday and why you should win! Will you be more adventurous, be more dynamic, or maybe be more present? Share your video here by Friday, 9 March.

And if you’re worried about how to pack for your two-week, all-expenses paid trip to anywhere in the world, never fear! The winner of the #PacsafeBeMore competition also gets a whopping US$1,000 (that’s more than $7,500) worth of Pacsafe gear. We’re especially keen on the innovative bags from the Venturesafe X series, ideal for outdoor adventure and travel, which Pacsafe has just launched to celebrate its 20th anniversary in Hong Kong.

Win the Adventure of a Lifetime

Need a little inspiration on making your own “Be More” declaration to enter the #PacsafeBeMore competition? Here’s what we want to be more of in 2018, and where we’d choose to go for our two-week adventure:

Lexi, Editor #BeMoreCourageous: Riding through the Gobi Desert on horseback, staying with nomadic families and taking in the incredible panoramas that Mongolia has to offer is an adventure I can only dream of. Steeped in history and home to some of the most fascinating rituals and festivals in the world, I can’t even imagine the memories two-weeks would create.

Tania, Associate Editor #BeMoreSustainable: They say that people who invest in seeing the world are guaranteed to value the world. With expansive natural sites, sustainable initiatives and plenty to keep travellers on the move, Ecuador would be a dream destination. Exploring the breathtaking region would guarantee you to truly consider how your impact can make a positive difference on your environment. After all, travel is a luxury that carries such great potential, it’s an obligation to pack our best selves!

Surmayee, Partnerships Manager #BeMoreEngaged:

My vacations normally involve sitting by a pool and reading for hours on end, but this year I’d like to take more of a risk with my holidays and explore the hustle and bustle of a thriving city. With breathtaking sights, busy cobblestone streets and an abundance of history to deep dive into, Rome is definitely next on my travel list (and let’s be real, the cheese and gelato may have something to do with it too!).

To make your own “Be More” declaration for the chance to win a two-week, all expenses paid adventure of a lifetime in the #PacsafeBeMore competition, submit your 60-second video (with your own #BeMore declaration, dream itinerary and why you should win) to the Pacsafe website, on their Facebook page, or via Instagram by Friday, 9 March. Good luck, and adventure on!

Brought to you in partnership with Pacsafe

All images courtesy of Pacsafe

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