The perfect dress solution?

We’re all about dresses this week at Sassy! Following on from our post on Monday thinking about fun accessories to take a summer dress from day to evening, we’re now turning our attention to how to get that perfect made-for-you dress. We’ve always talked together about trying to get a tailor-made dress in Hong Kong, but for some reason always shied away from actually executing because we’re not sure how it would turn out, or whether tailors will be able to exactly recreate a dress from a magazine or photo.

Now we’ve found Collette Patterns, which sells seasonal and fun patterns which allow sewers to make their own dresses, or those of us in Hong Kong to take the plunge to buy a pattern and take it to a tailor! Designed especially to be flattering to us girls with curves (available for US sizes 0-14), the patterns are just $16. You can choose your style, go to the Western Market to pick out your fabric, then take to a tailor and be sure to get a great result!
I especially love the Parfait pattern (top), which I think would look super-cute in a little floral print.
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