7 September, 2010

The Many Charms of Hong Kong – Available at G.O.D.

7 September, 2010

I am kind of loving Goods of Desire lately. I mean, I have always loved the store but until a few weeks ago I really only associated it with furniture and very cool lifestyle goods. I am now opening up my eyes to everything else they have to offer and after two and a half years of living in Hong Kong I have finally gotten around to realizing that they have a very cool clothes and accessories department.

A few weeks back I snapped up a turquoise qipao and I wore it to our last Sassy Hour. I have to say it is making me start to rethink my dreary grey and black ensembles because I received a number of compliments on it. We hear that G.O.D. is working on a more modern collection of clothes and we are anxiously awaiting for the launch of that in stores….stay tuned as we will make sure you are in the know when it arrives.

Their latest launch is their charm bracelet and necklace that is oh so very Hong Kong!  You can collect various charms that represent objects from our great city such as mahjong tiles, a ping pong paddle, letterbox and a flask. Each charm is $200 and you can purchase either a necklace ($380 with 1 charm) or a bracelet ($480 with 1 charm) and add your favourite charms to create your own personalized keepsake of Hong Kong.

I personally think this would be a great gift for a friend who is leaving Hong Kong and while I don’t want any of my friends to leave me I now have the most perfect goodbye present that will help them to always remember their time in Hong Kong.

Available charms are: WashBoard, Cake Mould, Roadworks Lantern, Camera, Telephone, Icicle, Letter Box, Spittoon, Flask, Piggy Bank, Clay Pot, Ping Pong Paddle, Mahjong Tile, Sandal, Water Spray

Sassy Giveaway: We have 1 charm bracelet to giveaway to one lucky winner! The bracelet will come with 1 charm and to enter the giveaway send us an email to [email protected] and let us know which Hong Kong charm you would add to your bracelet.

Giveaway Update: Congrats to Audrey Jack who won the G.O.D. charm bracelet giveaway. Her favourite charm was the ping pong paddle!

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