7 March, 2013

The Face Spa – the best facial in Hong Kong?

7 March, 2013

Having dealt with unpredictable skin since moving to Hong Kong, one of my resolutions for 2013 is to be more disciplined with getting regular facial treatments. Although I love getting facials, they tend to be the first appointments struck off my ‘to do’ list if my schedule ever becomes too hectic… But not this year!

With my mission in mind, I recently checked out The Face Spa, a new boutique facial and aesthetics spa located smack bang in the heart of the Mid-Levels. I opted for a La Vie En Rose treatment, an indulgent 75-minute facial designed to renew, rehydrate and revitalise your complexion.

Now, before you think you’ve heard this all before, stay with me, because (and I know this is a big call to make): this La Vie En Rose treatment went on to snag the title of best facial I’ve ever had in Hong Kong! Yes, you heard correctly, it really was right up there!

The treatment – using products from Eminence, a hand-made organic skincare line from Hungary – began with a sweet red rose deep cleanse. My therapist, Mingo, explained the cleansing milk was effective due to its high concentration of vitamin-rich rose extract and maize germ oil.

Once the initial cleanse was complete, toning, exfoliation and extraction all followed. Although I always opt to have extraction included in my facial treatments, a few dodgy past experiences with therapists leaving little red marks over my face have left me slightly wary of whether it does more harm than good. Thankfully, Mingo carried out this part of the treatment swiftly and painlessly, sweeping over my face with a high-frequency wand to remove bacteria and stimulate circulation afterwards. No red marks = winning!

Feeling fresh and rested, a concentrated couperose vitamin C infusion was then applied to my skin. Made from super nutritious rosehip, quince apple, menthol and camphor, the serum is effective in healing damage caused by free radicals. Mingo said it also soothes inflammation and evens out the complexion.

The treatment took on a whole new feel following an apricot-based aroma oil face and shoulder massage. Using a Cryojet machine, Mingo carried out cryo-mesotherapy (sounds a bit out there but it’s completely non-invasive). Applied to deliver active nutrients down into the skin’s deepest layer, the freezing cold magnet-like device created a really weird-but-bearable sensation. A masque made up of whole rose petals, lemon and honey was then lathered on and I was left to relax while it worked its magic.

To complete the facial, a citrus essence moisturiser along with a nourishing jasmine flower eye cream was generously applied and I was left to bask in a state of total relaxation. I can honestly say that my skin felt completely re-awoken following the treatment; the range of stimulus, incredible aromas and skilled application from Mingo made for a winning combination.

Because The Face Spa is located above Hollywood Road, I did notice the sound of the traffic every now and again, but it wasn’t loud enough to put me off. In fact – staying true to my New Year’s resolution – I made a booking for my next facial right there on the spot!

SASSY DISCOUNT: Throughout March 2013, Sassy readers can enjoy the La Vie En Rose treatment at a special price of $780.

The La Vie En Rose treatment costs $1,080 for 75 minutes.

The Face Spa, 14/F, The Loop, 33 Wellington Street, Central, Hong Kong
2815 1580  www.facespahk.com

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