The All Nighter Styling Powder

So, I know about the rule that you should not wash your hair every day but for me this is something I just can’t follow. My blowouts never last long because as soon as I leave the hot and sweaty yoga room my hair is screaming for a nice shampoo. I wish I could be like the girls who can get away with washing their hair every other day (or longer!) but for me my hair is pretty gross if I go any longer than 1 day without a wash.

In theory, I am all about dry shampoos but I am still trying to find one that makes my hair feel pretty and clean. I just came across The All Nighter Styling Powder and the hype around it (embarrassingly, I am a sucker for a positive review from Rachel Zoe!) has me wanting to give it a try.

Basically, it is an all-natural, talc-free, aluminum free, silica-free and paraben-free hair powder. It also comes in 6 different shades (platinum/neutral, golden blonde, honey blonde, brunette, dark brown/black and redheads) which is great news if the baby powder trick just does not work for your hair colour.

The cost is $18 (US). They will ship to HK but you will have to add $20 (US) onto the bill though. My family is coming over in a few weeks so I just may order a bottle for myself and have them stick it in their suitcase. I will let you know if it is worth putting in an order!
Let me know if you have a dry shampoo that works for you. I am getting desperate and my blow dryer is working way too hard these days!
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