5 August, 2014
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Ten Tips for Cooling Down in the Hong Kong Heat!

5 August, 2014
Summer is here and the mercury is already soaring high! All of us girls find it difficult to face the day’s tasks with the blistering heat beating down on us! Here are our top 10 tips to cooling down so you can focus on what you love most about summer — fun fashion, refreshing drinks and weekend trips to the beach with the girls!

1. Stay hydrated
I know you’ve heard it a thousand times already, but it’s so important, and no post on summer is complete without the mention of ‘water’! Summers in Hong Kong can be relentless, and it’s the season when your body needs the utmost care. Keep a bottle of water with you at all times during the day and keep hydrating yourself. Staying hydrated will give you the energy boost you need to get through the day’s activities!


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2. Choose your clothing and footwear wisely
Opt for lighter and pastel shades, such as whites and creams. Try and choose fabrics that breathe as they’ll help you feel more comfortable throughout the day. Also, choose your footwear with care — there should be space to breathe in them as well! Go straight for the sandals and flip flops if you are running about town all day and don’t have to worry about ‘formal office attire’ – check out some serious fashionable outfits to beat the heat here!

3. Use those shades and hats
Now is the time to hunt down those sunglasses and hats you bought on your last Boracay vacation. We’re all about flaunting colourful, floppy-brimmed hats, especially if you’re planning a weekend beach outing. They not only cool you down but also guard your skin against direct sun. Oversized umbrellas also work well for when you’re camping out on the beach.


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4. Go easy on the make-up
As the mercury rises, your make-up routine also needs some adjusting. There’s nothing worse than a look of melting foundation on the face! Follow the basic rule of “less is more” during summer. That heavy foundation should give way to a tinted moisturiser with some SPF, and darker shade lipsticks should be replaced with more neutral colours. Lighter make-up means less sweat, helping you look fresher throughout the day!

5. Soothe your skin
Summers can be really harsh on your skin, so make sure you apply high quality sunscreen during the day. At nighttime, be sure to exfoliate and consider using some aloe-vera rich products to soothe, nourish and cool the skin. 


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6. Go for lighter meals
There’s such beautiful produce available during this season that making the choice to eat a light and nutritious meal is pretty easy! Lighter food is easier on the body, which is already working hard to combat the heat. Cold soups and salads go a long way to helping you cool down, so think twice before ordering that spicy burrito or hefty meat dish! Fresh fruits like berries and melons can also help you regain water and keep you well hydrated.

7. Plan ahead
If you have meetings to attend or errands to run, plan them well in advance and aim to step out during the cooler times of the day, i.e. early morning or late afternoon/evening, to avoid direct contact with the sun. Also, take advantage of all the air-conditioned subways and malls available in Hong Kong — although it might add a few minutes to your journey, it’s much easier to walk through them than to tread the hot and humid roads and footpaths.

8. Stay away from caffeine
Caffeine heats up the body, so it should be avoided during summers. It also dehydrates you! So, what better excuse for trying out new green tea flavors or those iced teas and Frappuccinos that have been calling out to you at your favorite corner café? Make it a girl’s date and feel refreshed and energised after an icy cold drink.


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9. Shut down your laptop
Whatever you might have heard, modern laptops do not get hardware redundant if you switch them off at the end of the day! Don’t use laptops on your laps during summer (as they’ll just make you hotter!) and remember to power them off when you’re done to cool down the device, as well as your surroundings! If you’re too used to working with something on your lap, try switching to a tablet or a notepad instead.

10. Take a swim and a cool shower
Nothing beats the heat more after a long day than a dip in the pool or a cold shower. It not only helps you cool down on a hot and hard day but also helps you relax and rejuvenate. One lap in the pool can soothe that heated skin and is perfect for enjoying the summer sun without overheating!


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