29 January, 2018

Valentine’s Day Style: What to Wear for Every Occasion

29 January, 2018

Love is in the air


For some people, Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate the love and romance in their lives. For others, it’s a day to party and forget about that dumb fool that didn’t text back. And for the rest, it’s simply a Wednesday. Luckily for us, it doesn’t matter which school of heart-soaked thought you belong to, because any night in Hong Kong is an excuse to dress up and go out. And it doesn’t hurt that this year 14 February happens to fall on Ladies Night. So, whether you’re celebrating your commitment, or throwing his Tupperware down an alleyway; we’ve got you covered in the style stakes. And if Cupid’s Bow is so far out of your reach that the love fest is neither here nor there, we’ve got you there too. Because there’s nothing wrong with looking cute just to get cosied up with your closest friends, some rom-coms and a big ol’ bottle of red.

Valentine’s Day Style: What to Wear for Every Occasion

Valentine’s Bae

First things first: congratulations on maintaining a romantic relationship in the 852. If that isn’t a reason to dress up and celebrate, then I don’t know what is. But celebrating in style on 14 February can be daunting. Sure, red will always be the colour of love and is a powerful hue (and it doesn’t hurt that it’s just had a major fashion moment). But forget what you know about V-Day style, 2018 is all about breaking boundaries and crushing constrictions. And with such a frivolous occasion, why not take a print risk, or delve into the new season’s must have shades: purple (perfectly in sync with The Pantone of the Year: UltraViolet) and yellow. Treat yo’self – and your partner – to a look that is sexy and strong and reminds them of the spark you share with the world. Plus, a cheeky little lingerie number isn’t the worst idea on Valentine’s Day, especially with options incredible stuff available these days!

Peach slip available from Revolve, Diagonal cami slip dress available from Shopbop, Handkerchief ruffle dress available from Revolve, Mesh and floral embroidered skirt available from Revolve,  Red statement jumpsuit available from Revolve, Embroidered floral silk mini (paired with turtle neck/hoodie) available from Topshop, Embellished strap mules available from Shopbop, Tiffany bra (and set) available from Rave + Rose, Red lace two piece lingerie available from ASOS, Black lace cami playsuit  available from Shopbop, Thigh high boot available from Revolve

Valentine’s Day Style: What to Wear for Every Occasion

Date Night

If you’re navigating the waters of new relationship, or trying to figure out where that Bumble fling is going; a Valentine’s Day date can be a tricky one to dress for. It puts a weird pressure on a new or potential something, and can be awkward enough without having to worry about fashion choices. So don’t. If you’re spending this day of love with your might-just-be-the-one, you no doubt want to look smoking. But you also want to express an attitude of ease and playfulness. Go with a bold look in an easy fabric or simple silhouette. A great print is an even better ice breaker (trust me; half my wardrobe is worn for the sole purpose of inviting interactions). Or how about flipping the relationship dynamics in a power suit with a plunging neckline or a soft cotton? Show off your best assets (dress for your body, always) and your vibrant nature through your clothes. Fashion is identity, after all.

Lip print satin stretch boots available from Zara, Polka dot bodysuit available from Zara, Red ruffle pants available from Revolve, Dusty rose off the shoulder jumpsuit available from Revolve , Pink suit available from ASOS

Valentine’s Day Style: What to Wear for Every Occasion

On Wednesdays, We Wear Pink

Think SATC, meets Clueless, meets Moulin Rouge. A slumber party with a little sass is a totally fabulous way to reminisce, laugh and cry about the one that got away (or the one you very blatantly let go of). Get together with your besties, but make an occasion out of it. Forget sweatpants and hoodies (although also perfectly acceptable attire for a VDay sleepover, not great in the style article direction, is it?); turn in for the night in silk, satin and all the frills. Lingerie has become outerwear and once-mimicked pinks and pearls are now staples in fashion. Slippers now come with heels – kitten heels to be precise; one of the biggest new shoe trends of the season – and robes are a total vibe. If you’re really committed, why not get some matching sets for you and your squad? It not only makes for a cute AF Insta story, but it also solidifies the power of unified women. Because if you’re not a feminist on Valentine’s Day, is there even a point?

Pink fluffy kitten heel available from Revolve, Monochrome silk pyjama set available from Shopbop, Red lace slip  available from ASOS, Satin rose pyjama playsuit available from ASOS, Silk pyjama set available from Grana, Baja East Sweater dress available from Revolve

Valentine’s Day Style: What to Wear for Every Occasion

Food is My First Love

Who says Valentine’s Day needs to be limited to romantic relationships or monogamous merges? I mean, other than all of retail, media and Hallmark… A little midweek festivity with friends is always a good idea and with no shortage of spectacular new restaurants, a dinner party could be just the answer you were looking for (to really, whatever the question may have been). Stripes, volume, prints: anything goes when there’s no pressure from expectations. A little red, a little pink, a little red and pink (I told you to forget the rules), a little sparkle, and a whole lot of love and life go a long way, even in the most platonic settings. Besides, you never know who’s sitting across from you sharing a meal.

Yellow mule available from Revolve, Rust statement sleeve blouse available from Shopbop, Floral tuxedo jacket available from Shopbop, Striped jumpsuit available from Shopbop, Printed palazzo trousers (part of set) available from Zara, Checked structured top available from Zara, Floral pintuck bodysuit available from Shopbop, Floral blazer dress available from Zara

Valentine’s Day Style: What to Wear for Every Occasion

Tell ‘Em Boy Bye

Sure, love is a beautiful thing. And romance is to be revered. But sometimes, love sucks. And it hurts. And you want to go out and drink all the free alcohol in Wan Chai because it’s Wednesday and you’re boycotting the holiday all together. Sister, I GOT YOU. Send a message with your style choices – wear a man’s shirt buttoned all the way down, an oversized sweater with some killer thigh-high boots and an IDGAF attitude. This is sports chic with a sense of youthful edge. Go out and let loose and forget about anyone that let you down because you’re a fierce body of energy and strength and ain’t nobody gonna hold you down. As Mamma Ru Paul always says – “if you can’t love yourself, how in the hell you gon love somebody else? Can I get an Amen up in here? AMEN”

Addison soft bra (and set) available from Raven + Rose, Crystal embellished (spoil yourself) knee high boots available from Revolve, ‘You Text Too Much” Sweatshirt available from Zara, Silver spiked fringe bodysuit available from Topshop, Cropped denim jacket available from Topshop, Nude sock boots available from ASOS, Checked suit available from ASOS, Red lace up bodysuit (worn as outerwear) available from ASOS, Wide leg leather heel boots available from Zara, Mesh spotted bodysuit available from Topshop

Featured image courtesy of laceandlocks.com, via Pinterest. Image #1 courtesy of atlantic-pacific.blogspot.hk via Pinterest, image #2 courtesy of www.hellofashionblog.com via Pinterest, image #3 courtesy of ZARA, image #4 courtesy of ASOS, image #5 courtesy of www.shein.com via Pinterest, image #6 courtesy of Grana, image #7 courtesy of ZARA, image #8 courtesy of stylecaster.com via Pinterest, image #9 courtesy of fashiongrunge.com via Pinterest, image #10 courtesy of ASOS

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