4 February, 2014
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Sol Green Detox by Sol Wellness – holistic health solutions in Central

4 February, 2014

Sol Green Detox is not for the faint hearted but it certainly gets results… that I promise! 3 kilos, and a lot of inches to be exact! Not only did it help me nip my caffeine addiction in the bud, but I also kicked my sugar habit too. Chan Cuddenec (the owner of Sol Wellness just off Lyndhurst Terrace) taught me what my body was, and was not, capable of.

I have never stuck to a diet for more than a week… fact. So, when Chan presented me with a pre-cleanse diet before the Green Detox even started, I thought failure was imminent. If I had only been armed with a food guide and my puny will power I would never have made it through. Thankfully the detox is really thorough and after my initial hour consultation covering everything from positive affirmations, measurements, blood pressure tests, crystal energy exposure, and a very in depth holistic explanation about eliminating toxins I felt armed and ready to take on the challenge.

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My guidelines for the pre-cleanse were as follows: no dairy, alcohol, caffeine, sugar, refined carbs or red meat for a week, and I was only allowed limited servings of fruit and nuts. I could eat anything green with a little bit of chicken or fish for the first 3 days and after that it was veggie central for the next 4 days. There was a kundalini yoga and meditation session that I would partake in over the next two weeks as well.

Fast-forward a week: over the course of the pre-cleanse I managed to get through a Christmas dinner at the Globe (I ate a bowl of lettuce), two parties, and a music festival! I’ve never had trouble having fun without alcohol and I still had a great time at everything. The funniest meal was breakfast… my boyfriend stared at me like a crazy person when he looked up from his bowl of cereal to see me eating raw red cabbage for breakfast… a low point I admit.

Pre-cleanse complete, I moved on to the Green Detox itself. I had another appointment with Chan who did a 3D holograph of my health (more simple than it sounds) assessing various areas that needed to be worked on. I was to say a simple positive affirmation every morning and take special supplements, teas, and powders, and was handed numerous recipes for soups, juices and broths that would clean me out during this liquid five-day diet.

Hong Kong is a busy place and I am no mother hubbard in the kitchen… so my one big fear was that I wouldn’t be able to grab food and go like I usually do. Fortunately this city has a juice shop on every corner, so I simply jotted down some of the recipes and kept them handy so vendors could recreate them, easy peasy! The five days came and went quickly and thankfully I didn’t feel hangry (that awful hungry and angry combo) at all.

At the end of the five day cleanse I had to drink olive oil, massage my liver with a cod liver oil flannel compress, and drink Epsom salt water for a liver flush. I won’t lie… it was not enjoyable and I found it very unpleasant, Chan explained that this was because my liver was so toxic. I did feel very cleansed, but if I was to do it again I would opt to forego the flush, which is an option.

The last but by no means least part of the detox was a 15-minute infrared sauna and final meeting with Chan. The sauna was warm but not uncomfortably so and the consultation was helpful and results focused. I lost 3 kilos, half an inch from my waist and two inches from each thigh. I did not feel hungry and was out of the high-low sugar and caffeine addictions I was prone to and I felt that I had taken some time out to take care of myself. I was pretty happy overall with the results except for my exercise routine lapsing given I was tired from the low calorie intake.


The highlight of the Green Detox was definitely the time I spent with Chan. She is a dedicated health professional who really knows her stuff. Positive energy simply radiates from her and she offered plenty of solace and advice throughout the detox. The pre-cleanse and cleanse were well explained and the programme was easy to stick to. The one drawback was that I felt weak and had no energy to go to the gym… but if losing inches and gaining positive energy is on your to do list, than the Sol Green Detox is definitely for you.

The Sol Green Detox Programme costs $2,500 and includes one holographic health analysis, a briefing on how to prepare food with recipes, an ancient massage to prepare the body for detox, a liver and gallbladder flush, one yoga and meditation session, an infrared sauna, alkaline meal recipe packet, before and after measurements and nutrition tips once the detox is complete. For more info visit http://www.sol-wellness.com.

Sol Wellness  16/F, Tin On Sing Commercial Building, 41-43 Graham Street, Central, Hong Kong
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