Sheen Supreme Lipstick from M.A.C.

Over the past few seasons it’s been pretty clear that lipstick is having a big resurgence… For those of us who have been brought up using only glosses, lipstick can seem all a bit terrifying! After all, there’s nothing quite so grown-up as lipstick, or as high maintenance – blotting, making sure it’s not on your teeth or your coffee cup, reapplying so you’re not left with just a rim around your lip-line… the list goes on and on. Personally I’m pretty scared by full-on colour lipsticks, especially as my lips can be Sahara Desert dry, meaning matte lipstick is a huge no-no.

I’ve been trying out M.A.C.‘s new Sheen Supreme lipstick formulations (which have been causing a lot of buzz in the blogosphere) over the past week. Plenty of products have made the claim to be the perfect combo of a gloss with a lipstick, but this is the closest I’ve tried thus far, with a very light, sheer look and feel with none of the tackiness or lip-smacking stickiness of a gloss. It feels almost like just wearing lip balm in terms of the feel on the lips; very moisturizing. In fourteen shades, it’s really hard to pick from just looking at the colour in the tube as the shades are so hugely different when on. I’m warming up to the lipstick idea with the pale nudes of Supremely Confident and soft pink of Behave Yourself (above), as the darker, more intense colours of Quite the Thing (below – deep blue plum) and Good to be Bad (deep burgundy) still give me the willies.

The one draw-back is that it’s not super long-lasting, but it wears off evenly so you don’t need to stress about dashing to the bathroom to reapply.

Sheen Supreme lipsticks are available 21st March at all M.A.C locations at HK135.

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