Saving Fashion Face

Have you ever had one of those moments where it comes time to say out loud a name you have read a thousand times, and you suddenly find yourself totally doubting yourself in terms of pronunciation? Having stifled my own rather unpleasant instinct to snicker on hearing people verbally butcher Yves Saint Laurent, I don’t want to be the snicker-ee! 
Thankfully the Imperial Hotel Management College (I.H.M.C) in Vancouver has created a selection of YouTube audio clips as part of its “Luxury Studies” program that can help to give all of us a fashion education. Now, some of them are a little bit funny in that they do seem to suggest that we should be putting on a ridiculous French or Italian accent to say the names, which I think would earn you a bit of a funny look,  but helpful nonetheless. 

Fashion Doo Hickey has a fairly complete collection of the clips, so go and check them out. There will be a test later. 


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