22 September, 2015
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Sassy Supports: Dream On With Hong Kong

22 September, 2015

Hong Kong’s first reality series on making dreams come true!

This month Sassy is supporting a unique project; a new Hong Kong TV series with a social purpose, named ‘Dream On’. Nick Daryanani and Natalie Chan have created a concept for a reality television show that aims to help people in our community achieve their dreams. Throughout the series, they hope to empower ordinary people who have deep passions and ambitions but not necessarily the means or circumstances to easily achieve them.

“A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality.”

Inspired by the John Lennon quote above, the duo will be meeting people who have experienced various hardships and struggles, including asylum seekers, underprivileged children and ethnic minorities. Not only do they hope to help these people realise a small aspect of their dream, but they also hope to raise awareness of these issues in our communities. For Nick and Natalie, Hong Kong is just the start and their own dream is to make this project happen on a global scale. Anyone can dream, and they want to inspire people to stay resilient and positive no matter their situation.

Dream On 1

The Show

Season one of Dream On will be a six part series, following six different “dreamers” that all have personal struggles which impact their ability to pursue their dreams. Natalie and Nick realise they won’t be able to completely transform someone’s dream into reality, but they hope to help them take the first leap in achieving their goals and encourage them to pursue them long after. The first episode introduces us to a man from Ghana, West Africa, whose life at home was in danger, forcing him to seek asylum in Hong Kong. Despite his tough situation, he still retains a deep passion for music and rap and hopes to bring communities together using this passion. The Dream On team try to turn his dream into reality… take a look at the trailer below to get more of a sense of what the show is about:

How can you help?

Nick and Natalie’s dream of helping those in need by producing this TV series is inspiring, but also expensive. They wish to create a quality TV series and need to raise US$120,000 to produce the complete first series and to make a difference in the lives of six unique individuals. They have launched a 60-day crowd-funding platform, click here to check it out and donate if you can.

If you’re not able to donate, you can still help spread the word, as Dream On aims to become a global community. Bring attention to this ‘TV series for a cause’ by following them on Twitter and Instagram, or liking and sharing the Facebook Page. Help achieve their dream so they can help others!

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