13 April, 2011

Sassy Scoop: Spring Fling Lingerie Evening

13 April, 2011

We can feel it in the air. Warmer weather is coming and it’s that time of year when we just want to fling off our cosy layers and show a bit more skin.

So, why don’t you throw away that comfy (ahem, we mean ratty) old bra you’ve been wearing all winter long and let something frilly peek out from underneath your summer tank?

Spring is time to have fun with fashion and The Powder Room is having a Spring Fling Lingerie Evening on Tuesday, 19 April with lots of lovely little things that can add a bit of playful elegance after a winter of bleak skies.

Australian brand Elegantly Scant (priced from $280-$1,800) is high on our shopping list and we are getting a kick out of their “Desperate Housewives” ad campaign from their latest collection.

Um, yes, this is totally how we vacuum our rugs! Never ever do we wear baggy sweatpants and a ponytail to do these mundane household chores. Love it!

Note to self… must get some Elegantly Scant and all household tasks will look this glamorous. Fingers are crossed!

Actually, all joking aside our lingerie drawer could use a total spring cleaning and we are very much into the idea of wearing a lingerie style cami, casual jean shorts and flip flops for an easy, low maintenance look this summer.

In addition to Elegantly Scant, Australian lines Papinelle (great for lounging around!) and jewellery from Frou Frou Designs will be available as well!

See you there!

About the Powder Room: The Powder Room is a brand new business started by a very Sassy lady, Gina, who had the idea of hosting private sales and trunk shows for super-desirable brands that otherwise don’t have a presence in Hong Kong.

Spring Fling Lingerie Evening
Date: Tuesday 19th April,
Time: 6pm-10pm
Location: Bishop Lei International House, 2F, 4 Robinson Road, Mid-Levels
Method of Payment: Cash or Cheque Only
Questions: email Gina at [email protected] or call 9197 1030


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