11 September, 2013
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Sassy Scoop: Get peace of mind & access to healthcare around the world with Now Health International

11 September, 2013

We all know how fun life in Hong Kong can be – buying new clothes, checking out new restaurants, planning endless parties… but we have to remember to take care of the less sexy stuff on our list too! Which is where Now Health, a specialist international health insurance company based right here in Hong Kong comes in.

At Sassy, we’ve encountered our fair share of bumps and bruises both at home and abroad – we’re talking horrid tummy bugs that required a trip to the doctors, nasty falls where we needed stitches and (lots of!) medication, intense elective surgeries requiring a hospital stay (like that time Simran face-planted onto concrete following a junk trip)… and sometimes, stumping up for these unexpected charges can catch us unawares – hello, we still need to keep our shopping budget intact! So that’s why planning ahead with a company like Now Health should definitely be as much a life essential as a little black dress, a killer pair of heels and the perfect apartment.

Now Health offers its customers access to private healthcare anywhere in the world, including right here in the ‘Kong (excepting the US, although you can get elective coverage for that too); they even cover the likes of emergency treatments, routine maternity care and dental treatments to make sure as many bases as possible are covered! This means you can sidestep the long queues and major stresses of public hospitals to get treatment ASAP – with Now Health, you get the option to either be treated here in HK or back in your chosen country, so you can recover and recuperate with friends, family and your mama’s chicken soup wherever in the world you are. Since Now Health are actually based in Hong Kong, with other offices around the world, they can also guarantee speedy processing times – and make sure you aren’t left in the lurch!

REMEMBER – we’re definitely not health insurance experts here at Sassy (merely people who seem to have suffered a lot of accidents!), so please make sure you visit www.nowhealth.com to learn more about their specific health insurance options.

After all, as our mums always said – it’s better to be safe than sorry!



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