22 September, 2014
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Sassy Scoop: All juiced out! Free same-day delivery on HK Island for juice cleanses from nood food!

22 September, 2014

If you’ve indulged in one too many ice-creams this summer, then you might want to consider giving your body a refresh! And we all know that a great way to feel clean and lean is to try a juice cleanse… they’re not always easy, but many people come out of them feeling fresh, healthy and detoxed. Want to feel cleansed? Well, you’re in luck, as one of our favourite HK health food spots, nood food, is now offering free same-day daily delivery for juice cleanses to Hong Kong Island!

In case you didn’t already know, nood food offers up nutritious and healthy snacks and lunches and also has three different juice cleanses available for you to try. The C01 Green Cleanse is for more experienced cleansers and those who have less sugar in their diet, while the C02 Active Cleanse is perfect if you want to keep working out. If you’re feeling unsure, the C03 Classic Cleanse is suitable for all levels (even beginners!) so there’s something for everyone.

All the juices are made using organic ingredients and a hydraullic juice press with no heat or oxidation, which keeps them deliciously fresh and full of nutrients. The juices are packed with veg (and a bit of tasty fruit!), and you also get six supplements to add to them to give you an extra health boost! Zeolite is an alkalizing earth clay supplement that helps remove toxins from the body, and the Barley Grass Powder contains concentrated vitamins, fibre, iron, calcium and other minerals which are sure to leave you super clean and green! With no preservatives, only natural sugars, and a balanced mix of fruit, veg, superfoods, nuts and seeds, these cleanses will have you feeling detoxed in no time!

If you like the sound of all of these health benefits but don’t feel like picking up your own juice everyday, then you’ll be pleased to hear that nood food now delivers all juice cleanses straight to your door anywhere on Hong Kong Island. Simply order online and pay using PayPal or a credit card to get these cold-pressed juices delivered fresh and daily to you! You can even get same-day delivery, or have them delivered the very next day. And if you feel like picking up your own juices, well, that option is still available too! Just use their online ordering system to customise your juice cleanse pick up and drop off times to fit your lifestyle. Now there’s no excuse, ladies!

Juice Cleanse Prices: 1 day $600, 3 days $1,700, 6 days $3,200. Prices for other days can be found online. Look out for delivery to other areas of Hong Kong soon!


Brought to you in partnership with nood food

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