25 July, 2011

Sassy Review: THD (The Hair Dressers)

25 July, 2011

Over the years I have experimented with short hair, long hair, poodle perms, very short crops (the kind that got me mistaken for a boy at 16) and various colours, as you do when you’re a teenager. You would have thought all this experimentation might have led to a lightbulb moment where I know exactly which products, cut and treatments suit my fine textured hair. I’ll shamelessly admit, however, that all this had led to naught. I have now made peace with my hair. Generally, I prefer to allow it to revel in all its own madness. There might be waves one day, curly kinks another – I embrace it all.

When I arrived at THD my hair was a tangled mess, flat and unworthy of a beauty blogger. It was not sassy at all. Luckily David, THD’s bubbly senior stylist who hails from Glasgow, was not put off! Listening skills are an underrated quality in hairdressers and I was relieved that David possessed not only this but the ability to put the client at ease. I still shudder at the time I was given a bowl cut with long stringy bits at the back, courtesy of a stylist who decided to interpret my instructions with a little too much artistic license.

For this trial, David started with a cut then moved on to highlight sections of my hair. He gave my flat, one-length hair more volume and movement by putting in layers which I desperately needed. My face framing locks were cropped to ‘open up’ my features – and it worked! Long hair usually looks heavier and I would urge anyone to go for the chop; nothing feels better than a summer breeze against the back of your neck. As my hair was just above shoulder-length to begin with, this was not a drastic change, nor did I want it to be.

After the cut, David applied colour #77 medium blonde highlights around my face and along the crown to mimic the natural lightening of hair in summer. Hair underneath was then highlighted with #671, a slightly darker shade which gives the illusion of depth and thickness. The overall effect was natural, and dare I say it, convincingly sassy. I have been swishing my hair ala shampoo ads ever since, just to admire the movement and colour (vain, I know). I particularly love how my new haircut makes me look like I make an effort, when the reality is that I barely use a brush!

To create volume, David gave me a useful tip: using a barrel brush, lift hair around the crown vertically from the roots, alternating hot and cold air. Hot air warms hair, making it more pliable and thus easier mold, while cold air holds the style in place.

The best part of this hair experience? Hands down – the service. It wasn’t just the wine I was offered (!) that made this for me, but also the amount of fun I had sitting in that barber’s chair. THD staff all seem to be good natured and the friendly banter with David just topped it off.

A cut with David costs HK680
Full head highlights cost between HK1000 – 1800
Half head highlights cost between HK800 – 1200
THD, 7/F Abdoollaly House, 20 Stanley Street (next to Holly Brown), Central, 2973 0512

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