15 September, 2011

Sassy Review: Helena Rubenstein Facial

15 September, 2011

Here at Sassy, we love hitting up Lane Crawford to get a quick beauty fix, thanks to their vast array of counters that deliver every beauty product you can think of. And it’s about to get even better with their Autumn/Winter Beauty Style Campaign set to launch on September 15 – which is so hot off the press that all the details haven’t even been finalised yet! (Don’t worry, we’ll bring you all you need to know as soon as we know ourselves!)

Part of the Beauty Style Campaign includes a special super-intense sounding Helena Rubinstein Prodigy Powercell Youth Grafter Facial that I got to try out pre-launch.

Firstly, I was ushered into some rooms in Lane Crawford that I never even knew existed! These special treatment rooms are surprisingly calm, spacious and sealed-off from the hubbub of the department store – you can hear a muted noise from the crowds outside, but it’s not at all distracting and almost enjoyable (in a ‘Ha! I’m enjoying a lovely facial whilst you drag your temper tantrum throwing five year old around’ kind of way).

The facial uses some of Helena Rubinstein’s signature products combined with ultrasound technology and unique massages to ‘maximise cell metabolism and skin regeneration’ leading to more radiant, supple and firm skin. Quite an achievement for a 45 minute facial, right?!

Sadly, my 45 minutes blurred by all too quickly – I’m beginning to think facials operate in a different time zone that’s always over way too soon! The most interesting part of the facial was the use of the ‘Prodigious Roller’ to smooth and firm the skin, which felt deliciously cool yet also massaging, then an ultrasonic machine to clean the face and magnify the effectiveness of the Helena Rubinstein Powercell Serum, by allowing it to penetrate the skin more deeply.

Previous facials had led me to expect all kinds of generally unpleasant sensations from high-tech machinery – stinging, prickling, bright lights, ultra-sensitivity – yet this was absolutely none of above! Instead, it was a gentle, soothing feeling that just washed pleasurably over me. The serum itself contains stem cells of Oceanic Crista, which revitalises the skin and has been proven to aid cellular regeneration, tissue repair and anti-radical defence!

There was also a wonderful sculpting face massage using pro-collagen cream, supposed to re-activate the skin’s deep tissues, and which did indeed leave my skin feeling rejuvenated, firmer and freshened-up. There was also a refreshing and nourishing ten-minute face-mask before finally, the Prodigy Powercell Face Cream was applied (more of that awesome Oceanic Christa stuff and with a creamy texture that managed to feel both rich yet light) and I was sent off on my way.

The results were wonderful. My skin looked brighter and more radiant, with a soft relaxed look to it that lasted for days. It also felt firmer, more supple and generally rejuvenated, both inside and out!

Apart from the stellar results and overall relaxing experience, I loved the convenience of this facial – you can just pop in whilst you’re doing your shopping – and it gives you a nice little introduction to some of Helena Rubinstein’s award-winning Prodigy Powercell products (many of which will find their way onto my Christmas list, I’m sure!). If this is anything to go by, the Lane Crawford Beauty Style Campaign will definitely be something to look forward to!

The Helena Rubinstein Prodigy Powercell Youth Grafter Facial costs $1020 for 45 minutes and will be available at all Lane Crawford stores from September 15 to October 2 as part of the Beauty Style Campaign.

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