18 January, 2016

Sassy Picks: ETSY! (+ Win a USD$50 Voucher!)

18 January, 2016

 We snap up personalised, handmade pieces at this online marketplace!

It’s no surprise that we’re big fans of online marketplace Etsy – just check out our guide here. Focusing on vintage and handmade items, Etsy offers hundreds of unique, handcrafted goods that make perfect gifts. Whether you’re after personalised presents, quirky items or even craft supplies, Etsy has you covered.

We decided to give Etsy a test-drive to see just how easy it is to use when you’re in Hong Kong. Check out all the original goodies we ordered below and find out how our personal experiences were…


Simran, Business Development Director:

Etsy is my safe bet for any gift – be it Secret Santa or a friend’s birthday. There have been several Sundays when I’ve happily spent my salary away splurging on gifts… so you know I’m serious when I say I spend a lot of time on this website. I chose the City Skyline Coordinates Pillow as my Etsy pick and I was able to customise it by choosing the colour (I went for a Sassy pink) along with the coordinates. Of course, I went for the HK skyline and chose the coordinates of my home (look away, stalkers!) – the perfect Christmas gift to myself. The overall process for ordering was effortless and I was even allowed to approve two drafts, making sure what I received was exactly what I ordered. Etsy for the win!

Shaneli, Digital Editor:

I’ve never really ordered off Etsy before, so getting to explore the products on the website (for work, of course) was certainly fun. I figured I’d treat myself to some new jewellery, so went for the Blue Goldstone Pendant Necklace in 24k Micron Gold.​ ​I found the whole process a breeze, and what showed up to the office definitely matched the picture… love this!


Jess, Partnerships Manager, Sassy Mama Hong Kong:

When I think of anything personalised, I think of Etsy. I have always been a big fan of Etsy and have ordered many gifts (and a few items for myself) over the years. This time around, I decided to order something for my mum because she has been a huge help in planning my upcoming wedding. I found a super cute “Mother of the Bride” sweatshirt which was pink and glittery, and I knew she would love it! When I received the sweatshirt, it looked exactly like the one in the photo and the quality was great. I can’t wait to give it to her and will keep on ordering from Etsy for sure!


Begoña, Partnerships Executive, Sassy Singapore:

This was my first time using Etsy and I have to say it was a great discovery. I was blown away by all the creativity with the handicrafts, and I found it addictive scrolling through so many cool products. I decided to go with jewellery and picked this bohemian minimalist necklace. Although the measure was stated on the website, in my mind I thought it was going to be bigger and bulkier because of the close up shot. I was slightly surprised when I received it and it was so small, but it’s a lesson learned on checking the size before buying!


Lauren, Senior Editor, Sassy Hong Kong:

Although I know a lot about Etsy and I’ve had a browse on the website before, I’ve never actually used it. That being said, it turns out the easy part is the ordering and the hard part is deciding what to get! There are so many amazing handcrafted goods, all with unique designs. I wanted to get something funny for my new flat, and came across loads of ‘hoop embroidery’ with very Sassy quotes on them. As my boyfriend is a fan of hip hop, I decided to get a lyric from one of his favourite rappers, The Notorious B.I.G… the contrast of the traditional medium and the more contemporary text is the perfect cheeky addition to our home decor. The product looked identical to the photo (even better) and I would definitely consider getting more as quirky gifts!


Surmayee, Partnerships Executive, Sassy Hong Kong:

My one true love is handcrafted jewellery, so I knew I had to go straight to the necklaces on Etsy. I went with the Lariat Leaf Blue Sapphire Necklace – I loved the look of the blue sapphire with the silver base and I’ve never had a lariat-style necklace, so it was the obvious choice. I was really happy to see that I had the option of selecting the length of the necklace and that in person, the necklace looked exactly like the photo – just like I had hoped! Two thumbs up for Etsy from me!

Lexi 1

Lexi, Editorial Assistant, Sassy Hong Kong:

One thing I’ve really gotten into lately is food prepping, and on my never-ending quest for ways to make my life a little easier when it comes to healthy eating – I hoped that Etsy (in all it’s artisan glory) would hold all the answers. This BNTO cup by Cuppow fits perfectly into a mason jar, separating dressings, sauces or even little snacks like nuts from the food below, ensuring that my office meals are fresh, avoiding any soggy salad leaves! I had hoped that the price included the jar, as it hadn’t previously mentioned that it wouldn’t, but hey-ho – new mission: to find the perfect jar. Back to Etsy it is!


Fancy your own on Etsy shopping spree? We’re giving away USD $50 to one lucky reader! Simply fill out your deets using the form below for a chance to win!

If you’ve got a dose of gifting inspo from our Etsy picks, try out the site for yourself: www.etsy.com/hk-en


Thanks to Camilla W Photography for the photos of Surmayee, Begoña, Lexi and Shaneli’s products.

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