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Sassy Hour at Mrs Jones, Thursday 5th November

For us Brits, the 5th November is synonymous with one thing – Guy Fawkes night, where we gather round a bonfire, burn a straw-stuffed effigy while watching fireworks and of course, drink far too much. Here in Hong Kong this 5th November, we’ll instead be celebrating our last Sassy Hour of 2009!

Come and join Sassy at Mrs Jones, a super-cosy Italian bar/restaurant on the corner of Wyndham Street and Pottinger Street (you’ll be familiar with Pottinger if you’ve been Halloween-costume shopping recently). As usual we’ve arranged for all Sassy girls to get a free welcome drink, some fab giveaways, and even some of Mrs Jones’ delicious lemon tarts. We’ll be chatting, making new friends and generally having a fun time.

All together now…. “Ooohhhh, Mrs Jones…. we’ve got a thing…. going on!”

See you there!

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