19 August, 2011

Rolfing with Ea

19 August, 2011
Massage.. Ah.. Sensations of a body like jelly and a mind-state close to that wake/sleep line. As long as I have known about Rolfing I have never always considered it a massage. Ida Rolf developed the method and  originally called it structural realignment, as it grew in popularity it was branded with Ida’s name. Many of my friends have sworn by the method in their road to recover from back issues or injuries. With their praises came their warnings.

They always cautiously instructed that a Rolfing session would not necessarily a sweet and creamy cupcake for my body. Quite the contrary, many described their tears and screams at the hands of their Rolfing masters. While I had always been curious as to whether I needed “realignment” (which sounded a bit like getting my car’s tires rotated), my need to conserve my tears and screams for the movies, convinced me I should pass on this particular form of “body work”. Enter Ea Holm of Rolfing Hong Kong. Ea trained in Munich, which slightly relaxed me (only because I think Munich is the friendliest city in Germany, and hoped their Rolfers were too). Ea explained the history and philosophies behind the method and assured me that the tales of medieval torture-style muscle release were no long the style du jour of the Rolf Institute (they now let the muscles come to them instead of forcing realignment).


With a silent prayer for mercy, I agreed to be ASSESSED and ROLFED! Not surprisingly (especially to some that know me), I AM out of alignment. I have one shoulder higher than the other and a locked left jaw (who knew?). Ea said that she would work on lengthening the muscles that had become shortened through bad habits, and re-balance me from the top down. Using long strokes and encouraging me to breath deeply, Ea managed to relax me into Rolfing bliss. I felt more open, and even bit taller (most likely a endorphin-induced illusion) and ENERGIZED. It was an altogether new feeling from a massage. I did not even crave a nap (my usual post-massage activity). While most Rolfing programs recommend 10 sessions to address the entire body, Ea worked on my most critical issues and gave me a sense of being re-charged in just 60 minutes. As I departed with feelings of strength and confidence, I realized I had really has a complete mind/body experience. I am happily anticipating my next “tune-up”.


Book a session with Ea by emailing  [email protected]! HK900 for a 60 minute session, with packages available.


Rolfing Hong Kong, The Body Hub, 10/F, Unit F, 204-210 Wing Lok Street, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong, 9776 4534

Born in Miami, FL, Tracie headed north for college and did not look back. After slogging it out for 16 years as a quintessential Type A, ENTJ, marathon-running Wall Streeter, Tracie finally took a long, deep breath. That gasp turned into the first of many OHMs and eventually a yoga-license. During this quest, she visited nearly 40 countries; trying the best, the newest and the oddest paths to physical, mental and spiritual wellness. Finally illuminated (not yet enlightened) she realized that, despite all she had been told, New York was not the epicenter of the world. Now, Tracie is two months new to Hong Kong, and with Sassy is exploring the city inside the gym, in the great outdoors and on hilltops. In a journey to feed both her curiosity about the financial markets and her new-found realization that not EVERYONE owns a treadmill, Tracie will document her search for the key to balance in a fast-paced, diverse and fun city.

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