I started off this week in a horrible way…I discovered that my beloved YSL Muse has been stained.. literally! There is a noticeable long drip of gold ink that is visible on the back of the bag and I have no idea how it got there. I took it back to YSL and another reputable leather repairer and the outcome was the same.. 50/50 chance of it coming off, however unlikely, so it is over.

Before I move on, I do need to pay my respects to the Muse bag and extol its virtues. It is classy, sassy, practical, fits over the shoulders comfortably, has the right amount of hardware to get it noticed but not over the top and most of all, it is an iconic bag. You can’t get any better than this.

My husband, ever so supportive suggested that I “just” get another one, but as a girlfriend pointed out, it’s not like a pair of Keds! You can’t just get another one. All you bag lovers will agree with me. It’s one thing to buy the same bag in a different colour, but you can’t buy the same one again. It’s regressive, so my search begins..  here are some on the shortlist to date..

PS1 bag (by Proenza Schouler)
Uber cool, gorgeous leather and the right size to fit my daily belongings. However, it is a bit pricey for a satchel and not sure about its versatility as a “work” bag (see above on Ashley Olsen). If I had all the money in the world, this would be acquired without a second thought. Great for the weekend.

“SC” bag – by Sofia Coppola for LV
Sofia Coppola is one of my style icons and never sets a foot wrong. I am usually not a fan of LV, however the simplicity and the soft calf leather of the SC (seen above on Garance Doré) make it very chic.

YSL Roady
Classic and sophisticated shape, the blue hue is hitting the mark and very current and just the right amount of gold hardware (above on Blake Lively) to make it stand out. However, is it too safe ?

By Sassy Style Blogger, Anh Height

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