26 April, 2010

Recycled on Gage Street

26 April, 2010

This past weekend was so beautiful. On Saturday my husband and I went out for a quick coffee run and ended up being out for 3 hours just strolling around town. We decided that instead of heading straight for the escalators as we normally do we would take a different route then usual and hopefully get a new perspective on things we walk or drive past everyday. It was such a pleasant way to spend a morning and I now see the value in mixing up my daily routine a bit here and there.

One of the little gems we stumbled upon was a store called Recycled which is located at 50 Gage Street (towards Aberdeen Street). The no frills store sells all types of bags made out of recycled newspaper and the great thing about it compared to other recycle stores I have seen in the past is that everything is affordable. Being that the prices were so great I pretty much had a field day and picked everything up and rationalized a way for it to come home with me. They had large tote bags, briefcases, clutches, business card holders all decorated with old Financial Times, SCMP or various local newspapers. Once you have decided on a style you want the fun part is looking at each design and picking out which newspaper articles you want on your bag. I saw bags decorated with two ladies wearing surgical masks, an ad for cosmetic surgery, stock quotes…you name it!

I am very excited about my 3 purchases. I got a business card holder which is covered in Chinese newspaper. It cost me $50 HKD and I think it is my favourite purchase since it was so affordable and unique. I love the way it looks in the palm of my hand and I should never have an excuse for not having my business card ready anymore (it seems like these days I am always rooting around in my purse for a card!).

I also got a clutch which is covered with stock quotes from the 6 August 2009 SCMP finance section. This is where I saw the difference in price and quality. I was debating over one clutch which was only $100 but it wasn’t the best quality and the one I ended up getting which had more structure to it but instead was $250. I figured I would splurge and go for the pricer option as I am certain the black and white newspaper clutch will be the perfect statement piece to add instant style and a bit of edge to many of my outfits.

The last thing we purchased was actually a briefcase ($350) that is covered with the Financial Times. Of course, my banker husband loved it because of the subject matter it was covered in and I liked it because the Financial Times is pink! We decided that we would use the bag as decoration in our bedroom and it is now holding all the random papers that seem to pile up and never have a real home other then sitting (very messy) on our window seat.

From what I understand the reason the prices are low is because the store is for overrun pieces and I think the brand exports the bags to Europe. No matter what the reason is for low prices I am kind of in love with this store and I think this will be my go to place for gift buying.

G/F, 50 Gage Street
2191 6865

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