4 March, 2024
Najuka Redkar Taylor Swift Makeup
Najuka Redkar Taylor Swift Makeup

How I’m Prepping For Taylor Swift’s The Eras Tour In Singapore

4 March, 2024
Najuka Redkar Taylor Swift Makeup

My dream of watching Taylor Swift live in concert is finally about to come true.

It’s me, hi! I’m the girl who can recite the lyrics to nearly every Taylor Swift song. You know that Instagram reel challenge where they make you guess the title by playing only the first note of a song? When it’s a TayTay tune, I always win (*smirks proudly*). And now, after being a Swiftie for 15 years, I’m FINALLY going to watch her live in concert at the Eras Tour in Singapore!

Cue the fangirl screams.

Taylor Swift’s music has been the soundtrack to my life. It’s gotten me from my awkward teenage years as I sang along to “I’m just a girl, trying to find a place in this world!” to heartbreaks as I belted “Baby now we got bad blood”, all the way to adulthood as I got married last year and “I take this magnetic force of a man to be my lover” played in my head. So you best believe I’m pulling out all the stops to prep for this next major event. Here’s what I’ve got going on…

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“Never go out of style”

When Taylor announced The Eras Tour, I knew that dressing up was going to be a big part of this concert. Though I’m a Folklore girlie through and through, I love the pastel pink aesthetic of her Lover era. I have a barely used pastel pink dress from one of my favourite Indian brands Saundh that I think would fit perfectly with the theme. I painted my nails to match the colours of each era and practised my makeup – pink eyeshadow, glitter, gem stickers, the whole shebang. Plus I bought pink and blue ribbons, pink hair chalk and bedazzled my white sneakers with stickers from the local stationery shop. Gotta keep it bejeweled but comfy.

Get Your “Lover” Aesthetic Here

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Taylor Swift Friendship Bracelets

“Make the friendship bracelets”

I’m going to be honest – as I was making the first couple of friendship bracelets, I wished the lyrics were “buy the friendship bracelets” instead. It took a lot of patience and dexterity but 13 bracelets later I started to enjoy the process. I love that fans across the world are participating in this ritual and I’m beyond excited to meet other Swifties from all over Asia and exchange my friendship bracelets with theirs!

Shop Friendship Bracelets Supplies Here

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Hear Hands Taylor Swift

“The more that you say…”

Audience participation is an important part of any Taylor Swift concert, but especially this one. From singing along and synchronised clapping to hand hearts and holding up flashlights, Swifties have come up with several little chants and traditions over the years. To make sure I don’t forget any, I’m doing my homework with this Refinery 29 article.

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“It’s like I got this music in my mind”

To prepare for the concert, I’ve been listening to Taylor Swift’s music on repeat. Who am I kidding? I do this on a daily basis regardless. How else am I going to maintain my status as one of her top 0.05% listeners on Spotify?

Taylor Swift Packing Essentials

“Ready for it”

Flying on a budget airline for roughly two days in Singapore means that all my stuff has to fit in a carry-on. I’ve made a list of everything I need to pack from outfits, accessories and friendship bracelets to earplugs, portable chargers and bandaids. Thankfully, the Singapore National Stadium does not require people to carry transparent bags (unless it exceeds 35cm x 20cm x 30cm dimensions) I found this list to be a helpful guide.

Shop Eras Tour Essentials

I said, ‘Remember this moment.’

Amid all the excitement, the one thing I’m going to remember to do is to truly stay present in the moment. If you weren’t lucky enough to get tickets to The Eras Tour, remember you can still do all of the above from the comfort of your home. Come Friday, 15 March, 2024, throw a Taylor Swift party, invite some friends over, bake those Chai cookies and watch The Eras Tour on Disney+.

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All images courtesy of Najuka Redkar.

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