19 August, 2014
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Paleo Taste – Sassy tries the Hong Kong Caveman diet!

19 August, 2014
What are the chances you’re on a gluten-free, vegan, sugar-free, dairy-free or similar diet? Yep, I thought so! Lot’s of people in Hong Kong have recently become super health conscious – myself included! So when lunchtime comes around, I have some problems looking for real ‘healthy’ food options. Being located in Sheung Wan where the food selection is pretty fab and convenient definitely helps, but on days where lunch needs to be grab-and-go, living on wraps or salads doesn’t always cut it. I’m sure many of you are in the same boat – wanting a healthy but hearty desk meal. Well the good news is now you can have one, thanks to a Sassy tried and tested food delivery servicePaleo Taste!

10439503_252631604937279_3802739203478968981_nAs you can probably infer by the name, the food follows the Paleo Diet – AKA: the caveman’s diet. In short a Paleo food plan only allows foods that we are ‘genetically adapted’ to. Meat, poultry, fish and seafood, fresh fruits and veggies, eggs, nuts and seeds – so basically all whole, natural foods and no processed foods or refined sugars. Yes – ‘clean-eating’ indeed!


A lovely lady called Priscilla conjures up a healthy, homemade Paleo menu that changes every week. Portions are large and prices are incredibly reasonable starting at $40 for a side and $80 for a main. All you have to do is place your online order on a Sunday or Tuesday night so she can pick up enough fresh ingredients. We tried out Paleo Taste on a Thursday and were given all the meals on the menu to try. Lets just say at the end of the day we were stuffed, but stuffed with wholesome goodness!

We started off the day with a banana chia seed pudding for breakfast. The crunchy nut texture combined with the natural sweetness of the mashed bananas, cinnamon and hints of coconut flavouring made for a nutritious and energy-boosting brekkie! It was delicious and tasted indulgent, even though it was much more nutritious than you’re average sugar-filled muesli…


Throughout the day we grazed on main dishes including ground beef eggplant lasagna, chicken stuffed sweet potato, delicious vegetarian Thai curry and 10 hours slow-cooked pork. The portions were generous and accompanied by two sides, cauliflower rice pilaf and cumin-roasted carrots. Everything was filling and satisfying – verdict? Success!


It was difficult to choose our favourite meal on the menu as we had a few favourites… The chicken stuffed sweet potato was a hit – the tender chicken and sweet potato coupled with cashews, coconut sauce and cilantro made for a creative combination. The beef eggplant lasagna tasted like a healthier version of your classic spaghetti Bolognese – double win! The pork was cooked to perfection as the slow cooking really enhanced all the spices it was cooked with.

Paleo Taste provides extremely hearty, filling and nutritional meals straight to your door. It’s great for your waistline and the sides, breakfast options and desserts are perfect if you’re a vegetarian. It fought off the office blues and lightened up our day with some yummy nutritional grub – we will certainly be ordering more, for us ‘clean-eaters’ here at the Sassy HQ!



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