16 February, 2016

NUDESTIX: Go Nude but Better!

16 February, 2016

Why we’re coveting the ‘no make up’ makeup look this season…


Let’s face it girls, Hong Kong is not conducive for wearing makeup. Rushing around this busy city in a full face often ends with foundation on our sleeves and eyeliner running down our cheeks – not the look we’re aiming for when we’re running late for that all important two o’clock meeting. But, as luck may have it, less is more this season with the runways opting for the ‘I-just-woke-up-like-this’ look – seamless, flawless and natural makeup that enhances your natural beauty rather than hiding it behind thick layers of ‘ivory’ or ‘beige’. Well, we’re hopping on the trend-train and ready to bare all. It’s time to go nude (but better) with NUDESTIX!



What are NUDESTIX?

We’re all guilty of lugging around unnecessarily heavy handbags. Amongst a tree’s worth of receipts and a small fortune of loose change, there are endless tubes of lipstick and pouches upon pouches of makeup products that we just HAVE to carry around… just in case. NUDESTIX have worked with some of the hottest makeup artists and photographers in the industry to create a simple collection of easy-to-use makeup crayons that not only cover all of the makeup basics to give you a fresh-faced and complete look, but that can also be carried in one small, recyclable tin! Enriched with essential vitamins, antioxidants and moisturising ingredients, each stick is loaded with a special formula that’s easy to use and easy to work into your every day makeup and skin-care routine. Plus, they’re totally vegan-friendly, which makes them suitable for all skin types.



Why We Love Them

“We’re all born with our unique look, so why cover it up with tons of makeup?”

Hear, hear! We’re taking a leaf out of NUDESTIX’s book and embracing their simple message. The company was born out of labour of love, created by two Sassy sisters and their chemical engineering mama, all with a passion for makeup and a belief that a natural look is a perfect fit for any face (meet the founders here!) . We love that their products have been formulated to bring our our finest features (embrace those bushy eyebrows, girl) with four, simple solutions for your face, eyes and lips. Built with real beauty in mind, much of their inspiration came from celebrities like Jennifer Lawrence and Cara Delevingne who aren’t afraid to be themselves, are a little quirky, fun-loving and unafraid to embrace what their mama gave them!

NUDESTIX are on trend, fun to use, fabulously pigmented and super easy to apply on the go, catering for the every day girl. You can easily apply a quick dab of blush here and a smear of lip colour there. The best part? Many of their products are built to withstand the humidity, preventing smudging, bleeding and all round melting in the harsh Hong Kong sun.


5 Tips from Taylor

We managed to catch up with Taylor, sister and founder of NUDESTIX for her top tips on making the most of your natural beauty:

– Use your Clean Up pencil as a lip liner to prevent any colour bleeding and smudging.

– Double up your pink and reddish toned lip pencils as a blush (and vice versa!) for a fresh look and pop of colour.

– Use your fingers rather than a makeup brush to blend your contour, eye shadows and other face products for an even and natural finish.

– The Matte and Blemish pencil is perfect for travelling and on hot, summer days (or months in our case). Apply to oil-prone areas for a flawless matte look at any time of the day!

– Lighter shades of Magnetic eye colour pencils can also be used as an eye shadow primer. Apply for a shimmery base coat and blend in your favourite powder eye shadow or NUDESTICK for a bolder, pigmented eyeshadow.

Want more tips from Taylor? Check out her makeup YouTube tutorials here!


Our Perfect Tin

The era of huge, clunky makeup bags has come to an end! Each product is sold in a small metal tin (complete a with built in mirror and sharpener for on-the-go applications!) and can hold up to six different pencils. With your entire makeup look contained in one place, you can use the extra tins to build multiple different looks that’ll have you switching from ‘work chic’ to ‘girl-on-the-town’ at the grab of a tin. Okay, we’re pretty obsessed with these products and have already racked up a sizable collection of NUDESTIX. So after much deliberation on our part, why not take a peek into our perfect pack…

Lash and Grow Mascara – If we could only use one makeup product for the rest of our days this would be it. A quick, bold and black flick of a mascara wand and we’ve gone from drab to fab in the blink of an eye – literally.

Concealer Pencil – You know that huge spot that conveniently appears the morning of your big date? No bother. A concealer pencil will blend away that blemish in a jiffy.

Clean-up Pencil – A clean up pencil is the magic wand of makeup products. Just sneezed after applying your mascara? Bippity boppity boo…

Raven Lip Pencil – We’re absolutely loving a bold lip at the moment (see here) and this vibrant plum shade is perfect for every occasion!

Moon Highlighter – This moon highlighter is essentially a kiss from a fairy. A beautiful pearly shade of silver that blends perfectly above your contour, showcasing those amazing cheek bones of yours.

NUDESTIX are available at T Galleria  by DFS at Hysan Place 500 Hennessy Road, Causeway Bay for $186, or online at Sephora HKwww.nudestix.com

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