11 June, 2012

Style lessons from Nine West Summer 2012

11 June, 2012

As you can see from the picture above, Nine West have pretty much nailed all the major trends for Summer 2012. We have bold block colour combos to be clashed up as you go, vibrant prints from bright florals to more geometric patterns, classic chic monochrome and metallics through to softer pastel shades. So, if you want a one-stop shop for S/S12 or just a dose of good old-fashioned inspiration, then look no further than my top seven style lessons for the season!

Lesson #1: Mix n match strong block colours and feel free to clash it up, either with the simple addition of a shoe or accessory in a contrasting colour, or by introducing a completely differently coloured separate. Be bold. This is not for the shrinking violet brigade!

Lesson #2: Nine West also dabbled in a bit of ladylike knee length frockery, but for me this is still a difficult trend to work unless you have the height to pull it off. If you are going to try out the knee length look, then definitely team it with a heel or wedge – luckily, Nine West have plenty of those to go round!

Lesson #3: Print matters this season. The bolder, the better and again let the colour combos reign. Don’t be afraid to mix n match your prints either.

Lesson #4: Monochrome. Plain and simple, but if you want to introduce a smattering of metallic, note the shoe below or a vibrant block colour – monochrome marks will not be deducted!

Lesson #5: Not just the preserve for Christmas, metallics are making their mark this season and Nine West definitely has a glitter story in store for you. Check out these fab shoes for a bit of bling.

Lesson #6: Animal prints are still a force to be reckoned with, not so much in clothing but definitely in the world of shoes and accessories. Check out these babies!

Lesson #7: Shoes, shoes, shoes… from heels, to substantial platform wedges, to kitten heels, to ballerina flats and practical nip around town sandals! The choice at Nine West is huge and dictated by your mood as pretty much anything goes, but don’t forget the lessons in colour and print; if you only do one thing this season, then invest in a bright bold pair of heels or wedges like the ones above to put a spring in your step.

The platforms are substantial this season… but if these platforms are a little too substantial then, try a more sedate kitten heel – you see anything really does go!

And there you have it, Summer 2012 according to Nine West and me! Thanks ladies!

Nine West, CENTRAL/CENTRAL, 1/F Central Building, 3 Pedder Street, Central, Hong Kong, 2147 5838; see all other Nine West stores in Hong Kong here.

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