16 August, 2014

Natasha Sajnani and Face Tools, smokey eyed glamour and some fab new gear

16 August, 2014
I had the pleasure of hosting make-up extraordinaire Natasha Sajnani in my studio flat for a beauty appointment over iced teas and coconut chia seed pudding. She had a good look at my face and features and talked to me about where I was heading that night before getting to work. I was going to my aunt’s 60th birthday dinner and had a beautiful spring floral dress picked out from Polkadot Boutique.


One of my biggest fears has always been lining the bottom of my eyes and Natasha showed me how to do it myself for future nights out. She explained why it was so important. “It outlines and gives the eyes that sultry look.”


I felt totally at ease with her guidance and now wear liner on the bottom when I go out to an event. Her bubbly nature and fashion style is perfect for a bride or bridesmaid looking to wow with a glamourous evening look.

natasha sajnani

She’s not just a deft hand at make-up, but she’s also an up-and-coming female entrepreneur! She’s about to launch her own line of 13 make up brushes in a compact leather case, complete with a manual on how to use each one.


She explained why she decided to launch her brand, Face Tools, to me. “Everyone kept asking where they could buy the different products that I used on them. I realised just how expensive everything added up to and I was inspired to create my own line of luxurious products that were affordable, but also maintained the best quality.” This led her to travel and search for the best bristles for Face Tools brushes. Some are sourced from Australia, while others are from Taiwan. She worked round the clock as an artist with clients, then she spent her evenings dedicated to Face Tools. She had to bathe goat’s hair in olive oil for three days before infusing them with rose and chamomile oils- perfect for sensitive skin!

natasha sajnani5

Natasha has an eye for make up and offers advice for her clients when she visits them. She helps them look through all their make-up products and products and shares her advice on what to keep and what to ditch. As a minimalist when it comes to make up, only a few things were taken away from my loyal stash of M.A.C. Products. She shared her best tips below:

Natasha’s Top 5 Make-Up Essentials For the Sassy Girl

  • A Face Tools kit- good quality brushes are so important to creating the perfect look.
  • “They’re Real” mascara by Benefit
  • “HOOLA” bronzer by Benefit
  • Lustre Drops by MAC- they’re all you need for a summer glow; mix a tiny drop in with your foundation for a dewy overall bronzed look or just add it as a highlighter on your cheekbones!
  • MAC Studio Finish Concealer- this is the most important item to have. It’ll brighten your face, remove those pesky eye bags and make sure you look perfect and polished.

Schedule an appointment with Natasha today either by calling her or booking through her website below. She’s got a pretty fab Instagram as well, at her handle @missfacetools. She’s also one of our Top Wedding Make-Up Artists, see who her fellow make-up magicians are in our roundup here Natasha Sajnani, 9757 2608, www.natashasajnani.com 

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