My Nepal Adventure

I am off to Nepal today for the Chinese New Year holiday. Ever since a friend of ours came back from her trip there last year it has been on the very top of the list of places to go. This holiday will be unlike any others I have ever been on. I can’t wait to explore Kathmandu and visit the local villages when we are doing our 4-day trek through the Annapurna circuit. I can’t even imagine the beautiful scenery and images we are going to see and am so excited to put our camera to work!

Packing for this trip has been a very good experience for me. Everyone close to me knows I am a complete over packer. I need an outfit for every situation I can possibly come across and I usually bring at least 4-5 pair of shoes on every trip. When I heard that all my clothes for 1 week had to fit in a backpack I immediately started to sweat. I have never been on a holiday without bringing my trusty heels and I have to say it feels refreshingly nice to know that the only shoes that will be touching my feet for the next week are my hiking boots and a pair of flip flops. Yesterday I wore a skirt on purpose because for the next week I will be living in sweatshirts, t-shirts and yoga/hiking pants. I am leaving my hair dryer and straightener at home (am going to be a faithful user of dry shampoo) and my makeup routine will consist of mascara and a touch of lip-gloss.

I am really looking forward to a week of being connected with nature and not being so connected to my appearance (which does gets the best of me sometimes). Of course, I can’t lie – I purposely packed some accessories such as scarves to bring a bit of style to of my outfits!

I hope everyone has a wonderful CNY holiday!

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